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    WinForms RadGridView's new clothes

      In our latest release – Q1 2009 – we were focused mostly on addressing known issues and minimizing the memory footprint of RadGridView for WinForms.  However, we managed also to steal some time and redesign all of RadGridView’s themes. Some optimizations in our TPF framework helped us with this task. One of the heaviest operations in GDI+ is clipping. We managed to remove the clipping where it wasn’t really needed. This way we achieved two goals with a single shot: first, we got a performance boost, and second, we achieved better graphics and smoothed edges when using shapes. Our new Desert...
    March 25, 2009
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    Telerik RadControls Enable New Breed of WinForms Apps

    We have done a lot recently to make it possible for a WinForms app to get closer to the new UX trends set by the great WPF and Silverlight technologies. I know it would be hard to convince you that, but luckily I happen to have a slick new WinForms demo app to help me in this endeavor. The new RadControls for WinForms QSF comes with an animated welcome screen describing some of the unique features of Telerik WinForms suite: The fisheye bar at bottom animates so smoothly, that anytime I run the app I just can’t help myself but play with...
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    Insert, Update, Delete with OpenAccess and RadGridView for Silverlight

    Download I will show you how easy is to integrate OpenAccess with RadGridView for Silverlight. I get the example from my colleague Dimitur and make it work with our RadGridView. If you are interested how to make OpenAccess to work with ADO.NET Data Services please read his blog series. To allow inserting new rows in RadGridView we should attach to AddingNewDataItem event. <telerik:RadGridView x:Name="gridView" Grid.Row="1" AddingNewDataItem="GridViewAddingNewDataItem" /> And provide the newly created object in it. private void GridViewAddingNewDataItem(object sender, GridViewAddingNewEventArgs e) { e.NewObject = new Supplier(); } Now we can insert new objects. Next steps is to save changes to the database. We should attach to GridViewRow.EditEndedEvent. this.gridView.AddHandler(GridViewRow.EditEndedEvent, new...
    February 04, 2009
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    How to use Custom Row Layouts in RadGridView for WPF

    Presenting data in a grid is common in many applications, but it doesn't have to look like a bunch or columns and rows.  With WPF you have freedom to make the data look totally different.  In this post, I am going to demonstrate using a custom row layout with the RadGridView for WPF.  To get started, I have setup a new window with a RadGridView.  I will be using the Northwind database Employees table for this example.  I would like to point out that if you are going to recreate this example, you will need to add the Window.Resources section...
    February 03, 2009
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    Quickly Formatting Data with the RadGridView for WinForms

    Most developers have encountered a need at some point to modify how data is displayed to the user.  The RadGridView offers a very straightforward way to format data without having to modify the source data.  For example, you may not want the time displayed with a DateTime field, or you want to change the structure of the data to meet an internal standard.  The screenshot below shows three different fields which display the default DateTime format. This may be valid data, but it may not be useful to the user and we could potentially save screen real estate by eliminating...