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    Telerik Platform and iOS 9

    Another year has flown by, and we have yet another major iOS update to contend with! On Wednesday, September 16, Apple is expected to release iOS 9, the next iteration of its immensely popular mobile OS. What does this mean for hybrid and native mobile developers using Telerik Platform? Read on to find out.
    September 14, 2015
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    Surprises About the State of Mobility

    Mobility is a white hot topic at the moment, but for all the rhetoric, is the enterprise really jumping on the mobility bandwagon? That’s what we wanted to find out when we recently surveyed 3,000 IT professionals.
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    Why Implement Google Tag Manager in Your Android App Part 1

    Unlike the web, where developers rarely need to worry about promoting their website, the mobile developer is often in a position where he and his team have to think about the app’s success once it is in the store. If you fall in the category of developer-business person-marketer-hybrid, you should know what amazing stuff the Google Tag Manager can do for your app.
    August 12, 2015
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    Progress Included in Three Gartner Magic Quadrants

    We’re happy to report that for the second consecutive year, Gartner has included Progress in three Gartner Magic Quadrants to date in 2015—Enterprise Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS), Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADP) and Web Content Management (WCM).
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    The Future is NOW for Screen Builder and the CLI

    The concept of the push-button house has become a little closer to reality with the advent of the Nest and smart LED lighting. So I was really excited to give the new Screen Builder commands in the Telerik AppBuilder command line interface (CLI) tool a spin, because it brings a little of that future-facing magic into the domain of mobile apps development. Just push buttons, type a bit, push some more buttons, and your app is scaffolded! It's so futuristic!
    August 10, 2015