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    Kendo UI Q3 2013 Beta Available Now!

    Are you ready for more Kendo UI in your browser? With the next major release of Kendo UI just weeks away, it’s time to talk Beta.
    October 30, 2013
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    Diving Into ASP.NET MVC Templates

    ASP.NET MVC provides templates that allow you to customize what HTML is output based on a model type or property decoration. This post explains how templates in MVC work, and how to use Kendo UI MVC HTML Helpers to create your own custom editors. We also look at how complex controls like the Kendo UI Grid use templates.
    October 29, 2013
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    I Downloaded UI for ASP.NET MVC. Now What?

    Getting started with the ASP.NET MVC Wrappers for Kendo UI can seem a little daunting. After downloading and installing the package, there are a bunch of folders with things, there are sample projects, there’s a demo suite that can be run from the installer, and there are extensions installed in to Visual Studio itself. So where do you get started? With all of these things suddenly dumped in your lap, you might feel a bit lost. So let me give you a guided tour of what you just installed, and hopefully shed some light on what each of these things are and how you can use them to help you get started.
    October 25, 2013
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    The Difference Between kendo.bind And kendo.init

    Curious as to know when to use kendo.bind vs kendo.init? The answer may surprise you...
    October 22, 2013
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    Test Studio’s new recording engine – powered by Kendo UI

    Telerik’s Test Studio is a powerful tool for User Interface test automation, and has long supported record-and-playback using Internet Explorer. Obviously, IE isn’t the only browser being used, and adding the ability to record tests in Chrome, Firefox & Safari was paramount for our recent release. As the Test Studio engineers explored methods of accomplishing this, several factors lead them to determine that the best choice for doing this in-browser work was to use JavaScript and Telerik’s own Kendo UI control set.
    October 21, 2013