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    The Ajax Papers: Part I

    March 08, 2007 Share
    The Ajax Papers Part I: The Intro and the Basics. Download formatted PDF version for easy reading. Ajax. We’ve all heard of it and most of us have already started to use it. Many of us (“us” being ASP.NET developers) probably decided to use Ajax because Telerik’s radAjax component made it very easy to add Ajax to our existing projects. We figured what the heck? Telerik makes it easy to add Ajax to my site and the boss will love to see the Ajax buzz word in my list of accomplishments. As radAjax developers, though, we often take for granted what’s actually happening under...
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    Your real world advocate

    March 02, 2007 Share
    Greetings! Or as we are often inclined to say in Texas, Howdy! My name is Todd Anglin and I am a Technical Evangelist at Telerik. Before I begin blogging away on the Telerik.com blogs, I want to take a moment to introduce myself to everyone in the Telerik developer community that I have yet to meet. Many of you may know me from the Telerik Community Forums (where I am still quite active) or from my other blog, TelerikWatch.com. To all of my loyal Telerik Watch readers, thank you very much for your support! The Telerik Watch blog has been...