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    The countdown to BUILD!

    September 08, 2011 Share
    Next week is the much-anticipated BUILD developer conference about the future of development on the Windows platform, and the public unveiling of Windows 8. Microsoft says that Windows 95 changed the PC and Windows 8 will “change everything.” Clearly, the hyperbole and hype are already running high. The conference has been under such secrecy that we have been told all phone conversations at Microsoft are being recorded to prevent leaks. Something big is going to happen and Telerik is excited to be part of it. We will have a big crew attending the event eager to watch the events...
  • .NET

    (Un)Official Build Precon UX Session with Billy Hollis

    September 02, 2011 Share
    So your bags are packed, the agenda page is still pretty void of content, and you're wondering what you can do before the Build conference in Anaheim to really get ready for the grand unveiling of vNext of Windows and all that is in store, right? Luckily the dynamic duo of Billy Hollis and Telerik have you covered with the Unofficial Build Precon Event!  Taking place at the Sheraton Park Hotel on Monday, September 12th from 9am-2:30PM, the pre-con will let you learn some of the fundamentals of great UX before the conference begins.  This way you will be all set once they...