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    More Data and Better Analytics Lead to Better Quality Decisions

    September 24, 2013 Share
    Software development and testing processes have the potential to create a lot of useful data. With fast computers and new software tools, we can use that data in innovative ways to dramatically improve how we look at problems and make decisions. Gartner has named data and analytics as a disruptive force in the testing industry in its latest automated testing Magic Quadrant. Today, for our decisions regarding characteristics like quality, “doneness”, impact of defects, and test coverage, we all too often rely on our experience, instincts, and “gut feel”. While those decisions are sometimes correct, much of the time ...
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    Power of Dynamic Test Lists

    September 23, 2013 Share
    Test Lists are a great way to organize tests and get execution results summarized. Telerik Test Studio includes the standard “Static” Test List that allows you to add existing tests from your project, but there is a small maintenance penalty for using the static list because each time you add a new test to your project it must be added to one of the existing test lists. One of the underlying principals of Test Studio is to decrease the overall maintenance cost traditionally associated with automated testing. Within the world of test lists we have done this by creating the ...
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    The Brave New World of Mobile Testing

    September 19, 2013 Share
    Greetings, Testers. Peter and I have been thinking, talking and writing these past few weeks about changes we've seen over the past few years in the application development and testing field. I suspect that the most visible change to computing and applications — the one that, if you asked the average person on the street they would be most likely to mention — is the rise of mobile computing. The numbers vary between analysts, but I've seen reports estimating that somewhere on the order of 500 million smartphones[i] will have been shipped by the end of next year and ...
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    No, Grumpy Testers Don’t Have Cooties (Or, Why Devs Should Talk to Testers)

    September 18, 2013 Share
    Yesterday I wrote about things testers can learn from developers. Today I’d like to cover the flipside of that picture: what developers can learn from testers. Yes, there’s a significant amount of knowledge that can flow the other way, too! Developers can learn many things from testers that will help the team be more productive and ship better value to the customers. Unfortunately, devs will have to get past some stereotypes about testers. Too often testers get viewed as the angry, overly critical people who lose sight of important aspects of a project. Like focusing on shipping versus endless ...
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    You Want Me To Talk To Whom? DEVELOPERS?

    September 17, 2013 Share
    In a word, yes. It won’t be easy. You’ll need to learn new terminology. You’ll need to be patient. You’ll likely have to get a bunch of figures on your monitor. Why Collaborate? Why should testers and developers collaborate? It’s a perfectly legitimate question, particularly to those who’ve been in the software industry for a number of years and have seen the coming and going of any number of buzzword fads. Collaboration among members of a team producing software isn’t just a fad. The IT industry is finally moving away from stove piped, separated groups to a much healthier, more ...