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    Frictionless App Distribution with Telerik AppManager

    Mobile app distribution is painful. You know it, we know it. Dealing with iOS provisioning profiles is a necessary evil, publishing via the public app stores takes days if not weeks, and setting up your own private app store is more work than it's worth. For the past year now Telerik AppManager has been assisting developers with internal app deployments by taking much of this pain away and providing a friction-free path for apps built with the Telerik Platforms to your users. Today I'm pleased to announce some big updates to AppManager!
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    Telerik Alert Coming Q2 to Fit in Your iOS Alert Scenarios

    Your application is almost ready. You've implemented all screens. However, there is an error coming from the server and you should display a message about it. This is a common situation, but what's the solution?
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    Telerik Platform Enterprise Edition Gains Momentum

    Read about how large enterprise corporations are using Telerik Platform Enterprise Edition to build beautiful, high-performing apps, fast.
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    Q2 UI for Xamarin Beta Debuts ListView for Xamarin.Forms

    I am glad to announce the immediate availability of the highly anticipated ListView for Xamarin.Forms control in Beta two weeks before we release it officially with Q2 2015. The new control is supported by a Demo app (called SDKBrowser). Read on to learn more about the suite improvements coming with this version.
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    Telerik UI for iOS Works Flawlessly with iOS 9 Beta

    We are in the middle of the most exciting week in 2015 for the whole iOS developer community. Apple showcased great features for the end users, and there were also a bunch of new and improved kits that will make each iOS (game) developer’s life much much easier. We wondered how iOS 9 and Swift 2.0 would affect Telerik UI for iOS and quickly tested our Swift and Objective-C Demo apps against the new environment. Read on to check how it went. We would also be interested to hear your opinion about whether and for how long we should still support iOS 7.