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    Google Rocking the London Startup Scene

    While I was in London last week, Telerik’s UK Country Manager and I took some time to visit the Google Campus, a massive co-working and startup incubation space. There are six floors of co-working space where you can apply to be a resident if you are a startup based in London and an awesome cafeteria/coffee shop where anyone can come in for the day. On the top floor is Google’s offices. Even though Telerik has a London office, we registered online and spent a day working at the co-work space, mostly to get a feel for the co-work space and check out the scene. (Also, Telerik’s KendoUI was...
    August 17, 2012
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    Beyond Agile Estimation Part II: Improving Your Metrics

    Yesterday I blogged about using a spreadsheet in your Agile Estimation efforts. We left off after the first sprint and had an estimated time to completion of 15.14 weeks. Now let’s take a look at how this works after another sprint. The spreadsheet is the same, however, now we have data for sprint 2. Cell C2 represents the backlog size in story points after sprint 1. In this case if you remember from the blog post yesterday, our backlog is 106 story points. The team is going to commit to 8 story points worth of work (cell C3) and completes 8 (cell C4, told you the team gets better. ) This...
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    According to an Old Saying, “There is an App for Everything”

    And the Telerik Windows Phone Showcase Gallery proves it right. We’ve just added 15 new customers’ apps using Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone. You are into swimming? FusionWare Swim Tracker will precisely monitor your progress. If you are feeling like partying with friends, Drinks is the correct choice for you. Providing a growing list of alcoholic drink recipes, it will turn you into a fun guru. Moreover, you can also create your own drinks and submit them to the database. The lie indicator, Pinocchio Lies or the excellent stock market monitor, Markets & Me are just a tiny bit of all the new apps featured on our...
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    Beyond Agile Estimation Part I: Measuring Key Data Points

    During the recent conference season, I did a lot of presentations about Agile Estimation based on my Pluralsight course of the same name. At the end of the sessions I showed an Excel spreadsheet that shows how to take the concept of Agile Estimation one step further by measuring what actually happened and using that as part of your estimation.  I am assuming that you know something about Agile Estimation, however, at BarCamp Hong Kong, I got a request to further explain this spreadsheet in a blog post. As promised, here it is.   Let’s take a look at the spreadsheet after your first iteration (Sprint 1). Let’s assume...
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    Join RadControls for Metro online launch. Win a Windows 8 Surface tablet or a Telerik license.

    Windows 8 brings up new opportunities for businesses and opens up new horizons for developers. Targeting enterprise and consumer apps, driving convergence between the tablet and PC market, Windows 8 is an opportunity to greatly extend the reach of your apps. Whether you are planning to build line of business apps or apps for the Windows store you surely need tools to make you more productive and to help you achieve more with less.   Join RadControls for Metro online launch to get to know the first 3rd party UI suite for building Windows 8 apps. What’s more, you’ll get a chance to...