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    What's cooking in the WinForms team?

    September 30, 2008 Share
    We have served many dishes since we opened the WinForms restaurant, and I am delighted to say that our customers very much like the direction we are heading. Today I'm very excited to give you a taste of some really appetizing desert bites straight out of the WinForms kitchen! Needless to say, we get many requests for old tastes with new flavors, but this particular one stands out as a jalapeño sticking out of a cheese cake. Yes, we have been working on a new favorite desert recipe - RadScheduler for WinForms - a scheduler as tasty as we all want...
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    Showing "tooltips" for the Nested RadGridView in RadMultiColumnComboBox

    September 18, 2008 Share
    I promised that I will continue the "tooltips" series by demonstrating a "HOWTO" approach with our RadMultiColumnComboBox component.   So what is the big difference with RadComboBox? What is really different is that RadGridView uses temporary elements to render grid cells, that are recycled every time you change something inside the screen estate of the RadGridView (say like scrolling). This means that setting the TooltipText properties of the cells in design time or through the API won't work. The solution That leaves us with the second approach only: to use the ToolTipTextNeeded event to get the job done.  Here is a small example...
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    Showing "tooltips" for list items in RadComboBox

    September 15, 2008 Share
    There are two ways of doing this: The first approach is to assign directly the text to be displayed to every ComboBoxItem. This is done through the API or through the design time. You must assign the required text to every item’s ToolTipText.     The second approach is to handle the ToolTipTextNeeded event where custom logic can be applied: private voidTestComboBox1_Load(objectsender, EventArgs e) {     ComboPopupForm parent = this.radComboBox1.ComboBoxElement.ListBoxElement.ElementTree.Control asComboPopupForm;     if(parent != null)     {         parent.ToolTipTextNeeded += newTelerik.WinControls.ToolTipTextNeededEventHandler(radComboBox1_ToolTipTextNeeded);     } } Add...
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    Build a slideshow with RadChart and RadRotator for WinForms in minutes

    September 09, 2008 Share
    Last week we got an interesting request from a customer of ours – he wanted to add several RadCharts in the RadRotator control and to implement custom slideshow. The idea was so appealing that I decided to shoot a quick blog about it. We already have similar image slideshows and I must say it is a pretty cool way to give your WinForms app a modern style and appeal: http://www.telerik.com/community/code-library/submission/b311D-bdhadm.aspx Even though it is very easy to add RadChart directly to the rotator (by using RadHostItem), RadRotator performs much better with images and/or other windowless RadItems. This is why...
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    What is lacking in your WinForms app?

    September 04, 2008 Share
    Today we had to help a customer of ours, who was building a nice looking and very professional LOB application. He was looking for a control that would display the status of a process that he could incorporate in his app. The reply was simple, although not so obvious - RadStatusStrip. The status strip is a good example of a very simple piece of UI that does not seems to be of a high importance, but if we take a closer look at the so called LOB apps, we’ll see that it is irreplaceable part of them. A nice-looking and...