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    Don’t Miss Falafel Software CEO Speaking About Testing Silverlight Apps

    If you are planning to be near Bay Area tomorrow, January 5th, make sure to stop by the Microsoft Silicon Valley Center Building 1 for a session on testing and debugging Silverlight applications with Telerik automated testing tools. The presentation is 2 hours long and will start at 6:45pm. The session will focus on best practices for testing Silverlight applications. Telerik WebUI Test Studio will be utilized to demonstrate the techniques and integration into Visual Studio 2010. Attendees will learn how to control the browser and automate standard HTML, MVC, JavaScript, AJAX and Silverlight elements; use built-in validations to prove that the...
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    Free Agile Development and Testing Training in Pune, India

    December 22, 2010 Share
    In early 2011 Telerik is heading to India again, this time to organize its own 1-day event in Pune, India. The free seminar on Agile Development and Testing will take place on January 18 (9am-5pm) at the Mahratta Chamber of Commerce in Pune. The training day will be split in two sessions that will respectively cover implementing your own Agile development processes and Agile testing. If you are a developer/development manager using the Microsoft .NET platform or you are interested in learning how to make your testing efforts more efficient, than make sure to show up on Tuesday, January 18...
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    New to the concept of agile testing? Get yourself started with a free webinar!

    November 25, 2010 Share
    Many teams are struggling to deliver quality software on time yet keep up with quickly shifting business requirements. This is why the agile development methodology is gaining momentum as it allows software teams to be more flexible and adaptable to customer needs. Testers’ role is gaining new perspectives too. The agile development model involves testing as early as possible. This is usually done by using automated agile automated testing tools to minimize the amount of manual labor involved. If you want to learn more about automated testing in agile teams, join us for the free “Automated Testing in the Agile Environment” webinar on...
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    Telerik’s Products Selected Best by Visual Studio Magazine Readers!

    November 04, 2010 Share
    A true measure of our products’ quality is the opinion of the people who use them day by day. That is why we would like to give a word of gratitude to you, our customers, for your positive recognition of Telerik’s products in the Visual Studio Magazine (VSM) Readers Choice Awards 2010. Telerik’s Web UI Test Studio, RadControls for Silverlight and Sitefinity CMS were ranked as a premier choice by the VSM audience in the categories Best QA & Testing Solution, Best Silverlight & RIA Development and Best Web Design & Development Tools. What’s more, we walked with a number of merits...
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    Q3’10 Pre-Release Series: Telerik Automated Testing Tools Add Chrome Support; Test Scheduling and Remote Execution Features

    We are coming close to yet another milestone release for Telerik automated testing tools. As usual, WebUI Test Studio product team focused on addressing all your previous feature requests and expectations. Q3 Release implements myriad of these for both WebUI Test Studio Developer and QA Editions. No doubt, the new feature that will make all customers happy is support for Chrome. With the Q3 2010 release build you’ll be able to execute your tests on IE, FF, Safari and Chrome all at once: Another highly-anticipated addition to WebUI Test Studio (QA Edition) is the scheduling and remote test execution functionality which allows...