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Telerik Analytics is available separately or as part of the Telerik Platform, the first end-to-end platform for hybrid, native and web development across all devices. Join the platform to:

  • Get industry-leading UI tools for building web, hybrid and native apps
  • Design, develop and test mobile apps
  • Simplify data management, data integration, user management and push notifications
  • Explore user behavior with powerful app analytics
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What's New

World Map Drill Down in Telerik Analytics

World Map Drill-Down

You can now drill-down to country/region level directly in the World Report.

Telerik Analytics Dashboard

All-New HTML5 Interface

A completely revamped HTML5 dashboard has replaced the previous Silverlight-based dashboard. The new dashboard features responsive design and runs in all modern desktop and tablet browsers which support HTML5.

Custom Dashboards

Custom Dashboards

We have added the ability to create custom dashboards, which will allow you to pick the measurement points you and your organization follow regularly. The custom dashboards are shared across all users within your organization.


  • We are using Telerik Analytics mainly to view exceptions that are occurring onsite and to improve the stability of our software. We really like the ability to view environmental information and the portal is really simple and easy to use. Another really useful feature is the fact that we can view information by version. We will expand our use to track features in the future.

    Aleksandar MitrovićSoftware Engineer
    Kimley Horn and Associates, Inc.
  • We have been using Teleik Application Analytics for some time now, and are extremely impressed with how easy it is to integrate into existing applications, and how fast it provided valuable information about the use of our software.

    Carsten PedersenSoftware Manager
    Dantec Dynamics
  • Well done on solving this problem in a very slick manner.

    Steve Higgs

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