Need to improve user experience, but don't know where to start? Worried that UI/UX can only be done by right-brained, artistic people? Take heart. Learn simple yet powerful UX principles and UI tricks that will help you radically improve your digital products. These secrets are perfectly suited for logical, left-brain, development professionals. What’s more, you can put them into practice now. Esoteric mathematical equations included at no extra cost.

What You’ll Learn

  • Great UI is quantifiable, measurable, fact-based, and objective.
  • Why UX pros care so much about white space, padding, consistency, color choice, layout and all that other stuff that drives you crazy.
  • How to argue effectively with the UX people and stakeholders in your life.
  • How to notice bad UI on your own, and how to fix it whether or not you work with a UX pro.
  • Understanding how our brains work makes us better digital product designers.

What We’ll Do

  • Explore practical UI Examples (Good, Bad, and Ugly)
  • Conquer a “Good UI/Bad UI” Quiz (Prizes included)
  • Receive Resources for Further Study
  • Q/A and Discussion

Who is it for?

Front-End and Back-End Developers willing to step outside their comfort zones to ensure their hard work and tireless effort are presented to users in the BEST way possible.




JavaScript, .NET

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