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Beginner UI & Angular Workshop

Getting Started with User Interfaces: Angular Style

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Wed, April 19, 2023, at 11:00 a.m. ET - 2:00 p.m. ET

The best way to learn how to create usable interfaces in Angular is... by experience. Progress invites you to a hands-on session, during which you’ll build your own UI, learn skills to level up your UX and get more comfortable with digging into CSS for those custom pieces you need to create.

Join us for the live Beginner UI & Angular Workshop on Wednesday, April 19, 2023, at 11 a.m. ET as our developer advocate, Alyssa Nicoll, brings you into the wonderful world of UI and shows you how to navigate it not only effectively but with style.

What You’ll Do During the Beginner UI & Angular Workshop:

  • Dive into the Tour of Heroes demo application like never before
  • Learn about integrating SASS into your Angular projects
  • Learn how to include a component library into your project
  • Play around with customizing styles and writing custom CSS from scratch
  • Go over UI/UX best practices and implement them on the fly
  • Take part in UI challenges throughout the workshop and win prizes

We will use a commercial front-end component library (Kendo UI) to create UI quickly and demonstrate customizing that as well as integrating it into your existing design system. There will be prizes for the best use of a Kendo UI component and other categories, so make sure you have the repo installed and running!

Install Instructions

  1. Clone Alyssa’s version of The Tour of Heroes app:

    This is the forked version that uses the latest Angular version.

  2. The README has all the instructions you will need.

    The app was created as a tutorial, providing an introduction to the fundamentals of Angular. It can be found throughout the official Angular docs and is a wonderful learning resource on how to set up your local development environment and get started developing an app using Angular.

The Speakers:

Alyssa Nicoll

Senior Developer Advocate for Progress & Angular Google Developer Expert

Alyssa is a Senior Developer Advocate for Progress and a Google Developer Expert for Angular. She streams weekly on the Angular Air podcast and Twitch CodeItLive channel. She enjoys gaming and scuba diving and has a little one that fondly goes by "Mr. Milks".