The HTML5 vs. Native Debate is Over & the Winner is…

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The HTML5 vs. Native Debate is Over & the Winner is…

In the latest iteration of its HTML5 Global Developer survey, Telerik once again posed questions to software developers from around the world. This time around, we took a closer look at the state of mobile app development as a whole. More than 3500 survey respondents ranging from developers to CIOs/CTOs and from companies large and small around the world chimed in with their perspectives, preferences--and, in some cases, assumptions--on the state of the mobile market.

Key Findings

There are no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions for mobile application development. Many developers are finding mid-project that the approach they started with, Hybrid/HTML5 or Native, might not be the best approach, whether it’s changing requirements or an improved understanding of the capabilities each mobile solution offers.

Web and Hybrid approaches are becoming increasingly popular with developers.

The Web Platform (HTML5 & JavaScript) is the top choice for building cross-platform  apps.

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