Quarantined Coding - full Тwitch stream on #CodeItLive

A full day of crazy coding with #TeamCabin & #TeamFever! 
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#TeamCabin - Sam Basu and Tj VanToll, Developer advocates at Progress, started the day off with building Lcokd, their fun #geoCities themed app for #wfh advice. The awesome community helped with a logo and came up with the name, too.

It's breakfast / lunch / dinner somewhere!
Richard Campbell from .NET Rocks and Jim & Jess Engstrom from Coding After Work joined Ed Charbeneau for an hour of just chatting. 

#TeamFever - Alyssa Nicoll & Ed Charbeneau, Developer Advocates at Progress, took over for the second part of the day building Curbsyd, a fun fortune wheel app that lets you choose lunchtime delivery when #wfh.

@Jeffrey T. Fritz joined Quarantined Coding to host an awesome #CodeParty with trivia, prizes and some awesome guests.

#TeamCabin showcased Lockd.

#TeamFever showcased Curbsyd