UI for Xamarin Q3 2014 (version 2014.3.1326.131)

January 27, 2015

Common for the whole suite

The Unified API for Xamarin.iOS is now supported. It allows for creating 64-bit iOS applications. For more information about switching from monotouch to Xamarin.iOS, please refer to the Xamarin articles on the topic.


  • A SelectionBehavior for PieChart.
  • Palette functionality for PieChart in Android.
  • An issue with PieChart labels and SelectedPointOffset in iOS.
  • DateTimeContinuousAxis Minimum and Maximum properties are not respected.
  • The RadChartBase.Zoom property is removed in favor of the SetZoom(Size) method.
  • The RadChartBase.PanOffset property is removed in favor of the SetPanOffset(Point) method