Q2 2012 SP2

September 12, 2012

Q2 2012 SP2 (version 2012.2.912)

  • New in Test Runner:
    • Show 64bit test assemblies as ignored (not runnable) if on 32bit OS
    • Mark tests in a test assembly, which is not selected for build in the current configuration, as not runnable
    • NUnit Test Runner support for overloaded data driven test methods
    • Mbunit 3.4 support
  • New in Formatter:
    • Update Visual Studio formatter settings in JustCode formatter settings only if they are changed
    • Blank Lines formatter: Added validation for the options values
  • New in Navigation:
    • "Go To Type/Symbol" searches in container
    • "Go To File" searches in directory
    • Added member types and accessor filters to navigation command "Go To Member/Symbol"
  • New in Code Commands:
    • New code command "Comment Single Line"
    • New code command "Block Comment"
    • "Move or Delete Parameter" command for JavaScript
  • New: XAML: Added support for x:Type markup extension
  • New: Decompilation for private members
  • New: VS2012: Use the new Preview Tab for JustCode navigations
  • New: Typing Assistance: Improved by adding a shortcut (Shift+Enter) to access different position when you are between brackets which have statements inside them
  • Performance: Improved solution loading speed
  • Performance: NUnit Test Runner tests run speed improved
  • Fixed: Slowness while typing and color identifiers are enabled
  • Fixed: Color identifiers' update is too slow in case of change in the code
  • Fixed: Good code reds for Kendo and MVC frameworks
  • Fixed: Didn't keep the selected profile in the Code Cleaner options per Visual Studio session
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with Visual Studio LightSwitch projects
  • Fixed: Import VS 2012 formatting options for JavaScript
  • Fixed: VS2012: Help pop-up window appears outside of floating tabs
  • Fixed: Color flickering when JustCode color identifiers are turned off
  • Fixed: JustCode UI: The middle "pane" overlaps the input fields when horizontally enlarged in JustCode Options / ToDo Navigator
  • Fixed: Process JustCode's Test Runner results in correct order
  • Fixed: Test Runner in inheritance scenarios
  • Fixed: Code Generation command "Add Stubs in Inheritors" doesn't work for inheritors in other projects
  • Fixed: Quick-fix "Fix Using" suggests usings for internal types in another project
  • Fixed: Quick-fix "Add Reference and Fix Using" is available for internal types
  • Fixed: Quick-fix "Create Method" in await expressions
  • Fixed: Wrong "Add Reference and Fix Using" Quick-fix suggested when the reference already exists
  • Fixed: Null Reference Exception when using refactorings "Introduce Field", "Introduce Variable" and "Extract Method"
  • Fixed: ToDo Navigator: Resetting the settings duplicates the items in the ToDo Navigator
  • Fixed: Templates: JC resets insert positions if you are not at the last one when accepting changes
  • Fixed: Template cannot be deleted
  • Fixed: Good-Code-Yellow: In ASP.NET and MVC JustCode shows the following warning "Type name does not match file name" for Global.asax file
  • Fixed: Exception is thrown when opening the Send Feedback window in VS 2008/2005
Major highlight
  • New: Compatible with Visual Studio 2012. Support for Light and Dark color themes.