Q2 2012 SP3

September 12, 2012

JustTrace Q2 2012 SP3 (v2012.2.911)

New: Added diagram thumbnail view
  • Plugged in a small memory leak
  • Worked around WPF issue in Visual Studio add-in
  • Fixed: Attach to a running process with Sampling profiler
  • Fixed: NullReferenceException in some cases when "View Source Code" is selected
  • Fixed: Exception when running JustTrace under .NET 4.5
  • Fixed: Memory leak when Windows Services are enumerated
  • Fixed: Getting incorrect snapshot in Visual Studio when profilee is started without debugger and later the debugger is attached
  • Fixed: Renamed column headers where appropriate
  • Fixed: Extended the system assemblies list
  • Fixed: Exception when Visual Studio is not started by user with administrator rights

Major highlight

  • Compatible with Visual Studio 2012. Support for Light and Dark color themes of VS 2012.