Q1 2011 SP1 (version 2011.1.419)

April 19, 2011


  • FIXED: Setting the SelectedDate property via code is not working properly when the AllowMultipleSelect property is set to false.
  • FIXED: The fast navigation element displays duplicated items.
  • FIXED: The CellMargin, CellPadding, CellHorizontalSpacing and CellVerticalSpacing properties cannot be set at run time.
  • FIXED: The Click and ViewChanging events fire in different order when triggered from the navigation or fast navigation buttons.
  • FIXED: When a row is deselected by pressing the Clear button, the next click on the row header will not select it.
  • FIXED: Clicking the column header when using MultipleView causes wrong cells to be selected.
  • FIXED: Navigation images cannot be set at design time.
  • FIXED: The first row cannot be selected when the ShowColumnHeader property is set to false.
  • FIXED: Setting the ShowFooter property at runtime to true breaks the theme.
  • FIXED: Wrong layout in right-to-left mode.


  • FIXED: Exception when opening the RadChart designer.


  • FIXED: Cannot type the date in RadDateTimePicker.


  • FIXED: Memory leaks.

RadDropDownList and RadListControl

  • ADDED: Binding to business objects containing sub objects as properties.
  • FIXED: The selected item cannot be changed with code.


  • FIXED: Business object properties are not initialized correctly when the AddNewBoundRowBeforeEdit is set to true.
  • FIXED: UI is not updated when adding/removing child rows in hierarchy mode.
  • FIXED: RadGridView returns wrong results when you apply a date filter.
  • FIXED: The “add new row” text is missing.
  • FIXED: Filtering by date when using a between operator cannot be serialized correctly with the SaveLayout method.
  • FIXED: A row cannot be set as current after it is deselected.
  • FIXED: Tooltips are incorrect when scrolling is performed.
  • FIXED: Cell size is wrong when using wrap text in html rendering mode.
  • FIXED: Cell size is wrong when the AutoSizeRows property is set to true.
  • FIXED: Cell size is wrong when rebinding the grid and there are columns with fixed width.
  • FIXED: There is an exception when editing a child view cell and the AutoSizeRows property is set to true.
  • FIXED: There is an exception when using a BindingSource bound to a DataSet as DataSource for combo box columns.
  • FIXED: There is an exception when using the property builder and trying to change the FilterDescriptor for a column.
  • FIXED: Accessing a parent record value when handling the BindingList.ListChanged event causes an exception.
  • FIXED: Property builder closes when removing a child template.
  • FIXED: Unnecessary scrolling operation occurs when editing checkbox values.
  • FIXED: The item sorting is wrong in excel-like filtering menu.
  • FIXED: It is not possible to suppress the MouseWheel event in RadDateTimeEditor.
  • FIXED: Newly entered values are not accepted when the form is being hidden and shown again.
  • FIXED: The ScrollToRow method is not working in hierarchy with tabbed child views.
  • FIXED: The vertical scrolling in HtmlViewDefinition is not working properly when the RowSpacing property is set to a value greater that zero.
  • FIXED: The scrolling is incorrect when using mixed hierarchy mode.
  • FIXED: Memory leaks.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed Export to Excel via Primary Interop Assemblies.


  • ADDED: Localization support for RadMarkupDialog.


  • IMPROVED: Exposed the TextAlign property in RadMaskedEditBox.


  • Popup animations cannot be disabled by setting the DropDownAnimationEnabled property to false.
  • The wrong row is selected when dragging the mouse and releasing it on a different row.


  • FIXED: The last item in backstage view is always serialized as selected.
  • FIXED: The expand button of the backstage view can be clicked when it is open.
  • FIXED: The ribbon bar popup is not closed when opening the backstage view.


  • ADDED: Right-to-left support for RadSchedulerNavigator.
  • ADDED: Selection of multiple cells by using the keyboard.
  • FIXED: Exception when changing the active view.
  • FIXED: The DayViewElement property is not updated when the active view is replaced with a new one that has a different day count and ruler range.
  • FIXED: The ruler is shown in the second resource when grouping and changing the time zone.
  • FIXED: The subject field text is not selected when opening the appointment dialog.
  • FIXED: Scheduler's DayViewElement is shifted down when dragging an appointment.
  • FIXED: The current time marker in day view is not correct when different ruler range is set.
  • FIXED: The appropriate appointment is not selected when an editor is closed.
  • FIXED: Memory leaks.


  • FIXED: The height of RadTextBox becomes 0 in some cases.


  • FIXED: RadTitleBar system buttons cannot be hidden by setting their Visbility property.


  • ADDED: Binding to business objects containing sub objects as properties.
  • IMPROVED: Extended the load-on-demand functionality to support full lazy mode.
  • FIXED: Restored the NodeCheckedChanged/ing events which fire when a node check box is clicked.
  • FIXED: Restored the SaveXML/LoadXML methods which allow loading and saving xml via stream.
  • FIXED: The UI is not updated after adding a node on a child level.
  • FIXED: The arrow keys navigation is not correct in RTL mode.
  • FIXED: The DragEnded event of RadTreeView occurs before the drag operation is completed.
  • FIXED: A double click operation with the right mouse button expands the node which is under the mouse pointer.
  • FIXED: Top and bottom borders of the active editor are missing.
  • FIXED: The position of the dragged node is wrong when you try to drop it before the target node.
  • FIXED: There is an exception when calling the Form.Close method while handling the Click event.
  • FIXED: The drag operation should be able to start by dragging any of the selected nodes.
  • FIXED: The SelectedNodeChanged event fires even when you click outside the node when the FullRowSelect property is set to false.
  • FIXED: The NodeMouseDown event does not fire when the image of TreeNodeElement is clicked.


  • IMPROVED: Setting the Visibility property for the CancelButton should affect all pages.

Telerik Presentation Framework

  • ADDED: RadWizard style in Windows 7, Desert, Office 2007 Silver and Black themes.
  • ADDED: Backstage view style in Windows 7, Desert, Office 2007 Silver and Black themes.
  • IMPROVED: Fixed visual glitches in Desert, Breeze, Windows 7 and Office 2007 themes.
  • FIXED: The second text line is not vertically aligned with the first one when using HTML like rendering.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed the Breeze Extended theme. You should use the Breeze theme instead.

Visual Style Builder

  • ADDED: The ability to export Office 2010 Black and Office 2010 Blue themes.