Q2 2010 SP2 (version 2010.2.10.914)

September 14, 2010


  • FIXED: RangeMinDate and RangeMaxDate cannot be selected
  • FIXED: Selecting and Selected events do not fire properly


  • FIXED: A date smaller than the minimum date can be selected by using the keyboard


  • ADDED: AutoSizeMode property in GridViewColumn
  • ADDED: API for changing the default filter operator
  • FIXED: Column’s DataType property is not restored when loading a saved layout
  • FIXED: Wrong results when applying filtering and using special symbols in column names
  • FIXED: Add new row is not working in child views when adding several rows
  • FIXED: The sum aggregate is not working properly when using a textbox column
  • FIXED: Primary key value is not shown in child views
  • FIXED: Nullable values are not persisted correctly
  • FIXED: Missing text when using short date format in RadDateTimeEditor
  • FIXED: IsNull filter is not working properly when the column does not contain null values
  • FIXED: Custom sorting is not working properly
  • FIXED: It is not possible to set empty text in group headers
  • FIXED: It is not possible to format aggregates text in group headers
  • FIXED: Summary rows are not calculated correctly in child views
  • FIXED: Summary values are not calculated correctly when using a column with a numeric name
  • FIXED: Wrong editor behavior when using a bound checkbox column
  • FIXED: Child view is closed when there is an empty template
  • FIXED: Wrong value in combo box column when column data type is different from the DisplayMember property
  • FIXED: RadGridView scrolls to right when expanding groups
  • FIXED: Wrong sizing of RadMultiColumnComboBox when AutoSizeDropDownToBestFit property is set to true
  • FIXED: The first item is selected when opening the combobox editor
  • FIXED: Wrong filter cell value after deleting the previous value and using spin editor arrows
  • FIXED: RowValidating event is not working properly
  • FIXED: The closing tag is missing when using the SaveLayout method with XmlWriter argument
  • FIXED: Missing data in combobox cells
  • FIXED: Scrolling is not working properly in the column chooser
  • FIXED: Exception when pressing backspace key in filter cells
  • FIXED: Exception when entering integer values in a textbox column
  • FIXED: Exception when changing the active tab when using multiple child views
  • FIXED: Exception when filtering is applied and the column name contains ‘$’
  • FIXED: Exception occurs when using the mouse wheel and the vertical scrollbar contains the focus
  • FIXED: Exception when using the LoadFrom method and filtering is applied
  • FIXED: Various exceptions after calling the LoadLayout methods
  • FIXED: Exception when calling LoadLayout in hierarchy mode
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Telerik.WinControls.UI.GridViewRowInfo.DataBoundItem is now a read-only property
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Telerik.WinControls.UI.GridViewRowInfo is no longer based on the RadObject class

RadListControl and RadDropDownList

  • ADDED: Horizontal scrollbar support
  • FIXED: Allow multiline text in RadListDataItem and RadListVisualItem
  • FIXED: Exception in data bound mode when the SelectedItem property is set to null
  • FIXED: Textbox text is not cleared after calling Items.Clear
  • FIXED: ItemChanging event cannot be canceled
  • FIXED: ItemChanged event fires at wrong moment in time
  • FIXED: Exception when adding two items with the same text at design time


  • FIXED: Border and padding are not considered in the layout


  • FIXED: Memory leak when using text boxes


  • ADDED: Improved theming mechanism
  • FIXED: Scrollbar is not recalculated in day view when changing the ruler range
  • FIXED: Vertical header is not showing the correct text in month view
  • FIXED: Visual glitches in forward NavigationElement
  • FIXED: Wrong vertical text orientation and alignment in month view