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  • Overview

    A map control is a data visualization control whose primary purpose is to visualize rich spatial data. The control is ultra fast thanks to the native C++ library, using Direct2D for rendering the RadMap's shapes. It can display spatial data from ESRI shapefiles, as well as any user defined content in a geographical context.

    Telerik UI for UWP Map Control Overview
  • Layered Architecture

    The RadMap control visualizes spatial data using layered architecture. It could display spatial data points (e.g. location of cities), polylines (e.g. road connections), or polygons (shape of countries or continents) in a geographic coordinate system. In this coordinate system, a point on the surface of the earth is defined using latitudes and longitudes.

    • Latitude: This is measured as the angle from the equatorial plane to the line drawn from the center of the earth to the point on the surface. Usually latitude values range from 90° (toward the North Pole and suffixed with "N") to -90° (towards the South Pole and suffixed with "S").
    • Longitude: This is measured on the equatorial plane and is defined as the angle between the line drawn from the center of the earth to the point and the line drawn from center of the earth to the prime meridian. Usually the longitude values range from 180° (to the east of prime meridian and suffixed with "E") to -180° (to the west of prime meridian and suffixed with "W").
  • Shape Labels

    You can add a label for each shape in the RadMap control.

  • Pan, Zoom, Selection and ToolTip Behaviors

    The RadMap control provides a set of behaviors that can be added to its Behaviors collection. The behaviors are used to provide user interaction with the RadMap control and to trigger the execution of commands that are associated with the map.

  • Fully Customizable Appearance

    The control includes several properties that define the appearance of shapes and labels of the RadMap elements.


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