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UWP Gauge

  • Overview

    The RadGauge control is a must-have component for building business dashboards or crafting graphical indicators. With the rich assortment of circular, linear and numeric gauge types and the powerful customization capabilities of the control, you are free to build the exact dynamic data visualization tool that you need.

    Telerik UI for UWP Gauge Control Overview
  • Radial Gauge

    Radial Gauge is a circular scale with numbers and ticks. It can display multiple scales and ranges.

  • Linear Gauges

    Linear Gauge is a linear scale, which can display multiple scales and ranges.

  • Large Set of Indicators

    RadGauge for Windows Universal offers a large set of indicators suitable for many scenarios.

  • Rich Customization Capabilities

    The gauges are extremely customizable with a variety of built-in behaviors starting from scales, indicators, labels, ticks etc.

  • Animations

    All gauges support animation out of the box.


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