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UWP DataBoundListBox

  • Part of the Telerik UI for UWP library along with 20+ UI controls.
  • Includes support, documentation, demos, open-source or commercial license and more!
  • Overview

    Visualize large amounts of data with the DataBoundListBox. The control comes with greatly optimized performance and user interaction responsiveness.

  • RadDataBoundListBox allows for defining a Header and a Footer elements. These are specialized visual items that are displayed at the beginning and at the end of the scrollable list and bring additional information to the end-user.

  • Empty Content

    Out-of-the-box functionality for handling cases when no data is available for the control.

  • Virtualization Strategies

    The Virtualization Strategy is the way visual items are created and ordered within the viewport of the application. There are three types of Virtualization Strategies that are shipped out-of-the-box:

    • Stack
    • Wrap
    • Dynamic Grid 
  • Pull to Refresh

    The control provides an infrastructure that allows the end-user to request a data refresh by pulling the top edge of the scrollable content down and releasing it.

  • Item Reorder

    The Item Reorder functionality in DataBoundListBox enables the end-user to reorder visual items in the list box' viewport also changing the position of the items in the provided data source.

  • Data Virtualization

    The control supports several modes of data virtualization enabling useful technique for handling large amounts of data in connected scenarios.

  • Item Animations

    RadDataBoundListBox supports per-item animations for viewport items that are added or removed from the viewport. 

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