Telerik Test Studio

Test Scheduling

  • Schedule Test Lists to Run in Parallel

    Large test lists can take hours, or even days to run. Test Studio’s architecture enables you to easily split your test lists across multiple execution systems. You are able to immediately execute those lists, or set up scheduling on a one-time or recurring basis. Parallel execution means you can get to your results in a fraction of the time - short feedback cycles are critical to a smooth development process!
  • Schedule Test Runs Across All Machines

    Leverage the power of your entire testing environment to schedule and execute test runs. Test Studio allows users to quickly schedule test lists to be executed across all available workstations completely independently of any external tools. As soon as the scheduling server and execution machines are configured, you can schedule your test lists through a handy wizard and choose to execute them on your own or on a remote machine.
  • Simplified Test Execution on Remote Systems

    Remote execution servers can run as non-administrative users, accelerating total execution time by enabling test suites to be run simultaneously across multiple systems. IT infrastructures that don't allow local administrator privileges, no longer have to worry about getting Test Studio up and running.
  • Email Notification Service

    Users can also receive email notifications upon run completion – as soon as you schedule a test list for execution, the wizard will prompt you to select your run notification settings. You can choose whether to get emails by specifying the email address and the condition to get the emails for.
  • Centralized Results Repository

    Automatically collect results across your distributed environment into a centralized repository to be viewed on your local machine – with just a mouse click testers can view results from all local and remote test list runs.
  • Analyze Runs on Local Machine

    Once the test run results are populated in your Results section, you can analyze them as if they were generated locally from regular test list execution.

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