Telerik Test Studio

Test Reporting and Analysis

  • Results Publishing

    Once the test is executed and the results are analyzed, the test can be directly published to the selected project build by instantly connecting to the TFS – no need to leave Test Studio!
  • Results Calendar

    Results from all Test List runs are displayed on a Calendar view and allow you to drill down to view the details of your test results. The calendar has multiple views including Day, Week, Month and Timeline.
  • Results Reporting

    Test results are visualized through interactive graphs and charts. Users can explore their test list results over time, export reports in common file formats (as image or html), and leave comments within reports. They can generate meaningful graphs that support drill-downs, as well as have single test list results displayed in easy-to-read pie charts. Thus, spotting test pass/failure trends and identifying weak spots in applications being tested is swift and effortless.
  • Drill Down/Up Result Data

    In Test Studio you can easily add a test (data-driven tests included) as a test step to a bigger Testcase. The Test Results screen allows users to drill down such extended Testcases and see the structural organization of the included tests at a glance. Test Results screen also shows all the iterations of a particular Testcase. In addition, users can instantly open the entire test in the Test Explorer with a mouse-click.
  • Step Failure Analysis

    If a test in your TestList fails, you can double-click it to see a breakdown of the test steps. To further investigate what went wrong, double-click the failed step. A window will pop up with a short description as to why the step has failed. Available are three more tabs which will show you a screen capture of the failed action in the browser, the full DOM at the time of failure, and a failure resolution UI to help troubleshoot the step and resolve the failure.
  • Bug Tracking

    Bug-logging from Test Studio into defect tracking systems is now much easier! The built-in bug tracking tool integrates with TFS, Team Foundation Service & Telerik TeamPulse to help you send bug reports directly to your working project. There are three ways to launch the submit bug dialog – from the Step Failure Details, from the Visual Debugger and from the Test List Results. Bug tracking can be set up to send automatic reports to your preferred project.

    Bug Tracking Configuration
  • Export Results to Word/Excel

    Now you can share the test results with your manager even if he doesn’t have Test Studio or Visual Studio installed. Test Studio allows you to easily export your Testcase to MS Word and Excel in no time. Export the whole test result, or drill-down the data to the inner results and export whatever you need.

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