Telerik Test Studio

QA/Developer Collaboration

  • Early Test Collaboration Between Dev and Test Teams

    • Dramatically shorten feedback cycles and get testing activities working in parallel with development.
    • Test team can start creating tests by developing empty elements even before development team delivers the UI.
    • When UI is delivered, map the empty element to the UI and the find logic is automatically added to the element and you have a working test case.
    • Test efficiently and boost productivity.
    Test Studio Visual Element Mapper
  • Export Test Project to Visual Studio

    You can also have your test exported for direct use in Visual Studio. Once you choose the scripting language, the test project will be saved in the appropriate for Visual Studio format in the project folder. Then your developer colleague can take the test and further customize and extend it in Visual Studio.
  • Integration with Source Control Systems

    Test Studio seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Team Foundation Server and Team Foundation Service to simplify the collaboration among QAs and developers. The TFS integration also facilitates the work of a whole QA team on the same test project allowing them to check-in their results at the same time and independently. In addition to TFS support, Test Studio can also interact with any other file based source control system.
  • Visual Storyboard

    As you record your test, a screenshot of every single action is captured to a storyboard. This helps others understand the state of the test at the time of recording as well as what the target elements of the tests were. What’s more, once you check-in/export your test to Visual Studio, your developer teammate will be able to see the very same visual storyboard that’s been produced during your test recording. In addition, users can export Visual Storyboard images and the respective step descriptions as an HTML test plan. Thus you can use the storyboard for documenting business requirements. Watch video

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