What's included with Test Studio

Test Studio


For QAs/Testers

Test Studio

VS plugin

For Developers doing testing
Functional and performance testing in one tool
Next-gen test record and playback
Efficient test maintenance
Visual Studio integration
Functional tests alongside unit tests
Complete control over your code and test
Crafted for the specific role, the two editions together offer a common platform for seamless collaboration between developers and QAs.
  • Functional and unit tests could be easily shared and extended among teams.
  • QAs can check tests into the same source control library right next to the product source code.
  • The unique visual storyboard recording tool helps teammates understand at a glance what their colleagues have already recorded.
Supported Test Types
HTML/HTML5 Automation
Ajax Automation
Silverlight Automation
WPF Automation
MVC Automation
LighSwitch-powered apps Automation
Multi-browser support
Telerik controls Automation
Manual testing
Performance testing
Load testing
Exploratory testing
Native Support for Kendo UI widgets
Support HtmlPopups + Browser Dialogs
Data-driven Testing
Frames support (iFrames & Framesets)
Manual Testing
Support for manual test creation
Import Manual Tests from Excel
Convert Manual to Automated tests
Manual tests bug capture and reporting
Manual Test Execution using a "Manual Runner"
Performance Testing
Performance test creation and data collection
Performance benchmarks and test comparison
Historical view of performance tests
Measure Client vs Server time
Load Testing
Multiple channels to create load tests
No limitations of one core per load agent
Test customization
Single Virtual User license type
Run performance and load tests at once
Live results data during test run
Test Creation
Project Dashboard View
QA Task based UI
Visual Studio Professional and Team System integration (2008 and 2010)
(independent host, no VS required)
GUI Test Recorder
Hover-over Visual Element Identification
QuickTasks. Record common verification with a single click
Simple point-and-click interface
Built-in DataGrid for simple data-driven testing
Direct native binding to Excel
Codeless conditional logic support
Step Builder
Supports ASP.NET Local Dev Server
Invoke JavaScript Methods and verify return values
Subscribe to JavaScript events
Extensive HtmlControl Suite
Built-in Asserts for common verifications
Native .NET Stack
Integrates with Visual Studio UnitTesting
Integrates with NUnit
Integrates with MbUnit/XUnit
Verify CSS styles (inline or computed)
HTTP Proxy. Intercept and Verify raw HTTP Traffic
Automate Tests without Coding
Simplified scripting experience
Sentence Based Verification. Easily build any verification.
Image Verification
Win32 Dialog Recording
Test Explorer
Hover-over Visual Element Identification
Extend Tests using Telerik Testing Framework API
Import and Call into compiled .NET Test Libraries
Build re-usable test scripts and test libraries
Test Execution
Supports Internet Explorer (7.x+)
Supports FireFox (2.x+)
Supports Safari for Windows (3.x,4.x, 5.x)+
Supports Chrome (6.x)+
Visual Debugger
Build Server Execution (MSBuild/CC/TeamCity)
Test Scheduling
Scheduling and Remote Execution
Email notification service
Centralized results repository
Analyze runs on local machine
Run remote execution servers as non-admin users
Test Management
Test List Integration
(Uses our built-in test list)
(Using Visual Studio's TestList)
Test List – Test Ordering
Test List – Filtered List Support
Test List – Simplified Management
Test Maintenance
Reuse of elements
Element abstraction
DOM Explorer
DOM Search Support
Test Maintenance Support
Edit Tests without coding (Simple Property Changes)
Automatic Code Generation using C# or VB.NET
Element Repository (Element Explorer)
Strongly-typed Element Repository for Custom Code Consumption
Edit element find logic using a GUI editor
Simple File Base Project. [XCopy to move tests or projects around)
(VS Project System)
Test Results Management and Analysis
Results Management
(Built-in calendar to manage and view results)
(VS results management)
Export Results to Word or Excel
Capture image on failure
Step failure analysis
Bug Tracking
Results calendar
Results reporting
Results publishing
QA-Developer Collaboration
Visual Storyboard
Requires No Visual Studio Experience
TeamPulse integration
Team Foundation Sever Integration
Export projects to Visual Studio
HP Quality Center Integration
Integration with HP Quality Center

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