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New Library: WordsProcessing

RadWordsProcessing is a powerful .NET Core library, which enables the creation and modification of flow documents such as DOCX, RTF, HTML and plain text. It also supports export to PDF. Should you need to generate a document in your app or on a server, RadWordsProcessing has got you covered.

Here is a list of some of the features of RadWordsProcessing:

- Headers, Footers
- Tables
- Inline and Floating Images
- Bookmarks
- Hyperlinks
- Tab Stops
- Styles
- Mail Merge
- Merge Documents
- Clone
- Find & Replace
- RadFlowDocumentEditor - simplify the process of creating and modifying a document
- Character, Paragraph, Table, Section formatting

Telerik UI for Xamarin WordsProcessing

Scheduling Enhancements

In the latest version of the Xamarin.Forms Calendar control, we have introduced a handful of useful features:

  • Special and Restricted slots - easily mark time slots with customized look and content or mark them as restricted so no appointments can be created at these slots Telerik UI for Xamarin Calendar - Special and Restricted Slots
  • ScrollTimeIntoView - API that allows to scroll the calendar to a designated time slot in order to navigate the user’s attention
    Telerik UI for Xamarin Calendar - ScrollToTime
  • AppointmentContentTemplate - full customization over the events appearance in DayView and MultiDayView is now possible with the appointment DataTemplateSelector Telerik UI for Xamarin Calendar - Appointment Templates

Text selection is now added to the Xamarin PdfViewer. It allows for selection to be performed via mouse and touch gestures like hold and drag. The selected text can be put in the clipboard of the OS via a selection menu. The colors of the selection and the appearance of the menu are highly customizable.

Telerik UI for Xamarin PDFViewer -Selection

Link annotations are now also supported which means that the RadPdfViewer will handle annotations being tapped and will navigate to either a URL or to a predefined position in the PDF document. The LinkAnnotationTapped event can be intercepted and used to prevent navigating away from the application accidentally. 
Telerik UI for Xamarin PDFViewer - Link Annotations

ImageEditor Cropping Options

RadImageEditor for Xamarin gets new cropping options for oval, circular or custom shape cropping, as well as by maintaining the aspect ratio.

Telerik UI for Xamarin ImageEditor - Crop

ImageEditor Saving Image with Custom Size

When the edited image is being saved, you can now specify a desired size to be saved in or a scale factor to be applied as percentage. This is quite useful where an image of a certain size is needed to be exported by the control, e.g. the size for a profile picture is strictly set, but you do not know what image the user will feed in.

Telerik UI for Xamarin ImageEditor - Crop Options

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