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New Control: Xamarin ProgressBar

With the new Xamarin ProgressBar control, you can easily display any form of progress in your Xamarin application. Make your app more user friendly by keeping users informed about the level of completion of a lengthy process, such as loading data or a multi-step user action, in which you can visualize how much has been completed and what remains (to name just a couple of scenarios). This customizable control comes with support for an indeterminate mode, different value display modes (number, percentage, text or hidden), setting value ranges, animations and segments.

See the Xamarin ProgressBar docs

Telerik UI for Xamarin ProgressBar Component

New Data Grid Feature: Added RowHeight Property

Get full control over the way content is accommodated inside grid cells with the new option to manually set the row height. While row height is calculated according to the cells’ content by default, with the new RowHeight property, you can easily set a custom height for your Data Grid’s rows.

See the Xamarin DataGrid row height docs

Xamarin DataGrid Control RowHeight Property

New RadSpreadProcessing Feature: Comments

With this release, we're adding support for cell comments. Comments are used for providing additional information about a cell's data and can have one or multiple replies, forming a thread.

See the docs for Xamarin SpreadProcessing comments

New RadPdfProcessing Feature: ShouldEmbedFonts

This new option gives you flexibility to decide whether the fonts will be embedded in the exported PDF file. To ensure proper viewing on any device, the default option is for fonts to be added, following the PDF Standard.

See the docs for Xamarin PdfProcessingShouldEmbedFonts

Xamarin PdfProcessing Non Embedded Fonts

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