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Xamarin SiderDrawer Improvement: Exposed TapOutsideToClose API

With R1 2023, the SideDrawer control expands its feature set with a TapOutsideToClose behavior attribute. This new property controls whether the control should be closed when a user taps outside the Drawer's content.

Xamarin SideDrawer StaysOpen

Xamarin DataGrid Enhancement: Exposed ScrollItemIntoView API

This new API enables you to programmatically scroll a Telerik UI for Xamarin DataGrid so that a specific item is visible on the screen, providing a smoother user experience into your Xamarin app.

New WordsProcessing Feature: Add Table of Contents

This feature allows end users to add a Table of Contents to their documents. Additionally, WordsProcessing enables you to insert a table of contents in your RadFlowDocument document using heading styles, other specified styles, outline levels, captions or entries specified by TC (Table of Contents Entry) fields. The Table of Contents can be updated once there are changes made to the document in order to keep it accurate.

Document Processing Libraries Add Table of Contents

New PdfProcessing Feature: Support for Encryption Algorithm 5 with AES 256

Progress Telerik PdfProcessing supports Encryption Algorithm 5 with AES 256. Below is the list of encryption algorithms currently supported:

  • For import: RC4 (V2), AES-128 (AESV2), AES-256 (AESV3)
  • For export: RC4 (V2), AES-256 (AESV3)

The encryption algorithm can be managed using the EncryptionType property. For more information, please refer to the PDF Processing Export Settings.

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