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Picker Components

Telerik’s Picker components for Xamarin are highly-customizable set of pickers providing an intuitive user-interface for interacting with a predefined set of values. Telerik’s Picker components are designed to cover all common mobile application scenarios and provide extensive data-binding support. The first release of 2020 will provide developers with the Beta version of the following pickers in a popup display mode.


Telerik List Picker for Xamarin enables you to select an item from a list, visualized inside a popup that loops its items infinitely while scrolling. Telerik’s ListPicker includes these features:

  • Looping: Loops items infinitely while scrolling
  • Templates: Define a template for the list items, as well as the selected one
  • UI Virtualization: Visual elements are being reused when scrolling to boost the performance
  • Display string format: Choose what text to display when an item from the list is picked
  • Flexible styling API: Style the items, popup, header and footer of the picker
  • Command support: Commands for clearing a selected item, opening and closing the dialog

Telerik UI for Xamarin - List Picker


Telerik’s Templated Picker for Xamarin control is designed to accommodate any potential scenario requiring a selector with a custom template. The Templated Picker control comes equipped with these features:

  • Selector template: Define a template for the items
  • Display text format: Choose a text to display when an item is picked
  • Flexible Styling API: Style the spinners, popup, its header and footer
  • Commands support: Clear a selected item, open and close the dialog via commands

Telerik UI for Xamarin - Templated Picker


Telerik’s DateTimePicker for Xamarin provides an easy way to pick a date, time or both by a pre-defined set of values. The DateTimePicker component has several features which allows you to set a date range, date and time format and fully customize its appearance. Features include:

  • String format: Set a standard date and time format string, and create a date picker, time picker or combination of both.
  • Date Range: Define a start and end date to enable the users to choose a date in between.
  • Display string format: Choose what text to display when a date/time is picked
  • Templates: Templates for header, footer, picker placeholder and displayed text
  • Flexible styling API: Easily style the Spinners, Popup, header, footer and text displayed when date/time is picked.
  • Commands Support: Commands that clear the selected date/time and allow you to open and close the dialog.
Telerik UI for Xamarin - DateTimePicker

SpreadProcessing Support for Xamarin

SpreadProcessing, the document processing library enabling .NET developers to easily import and export files to and from the most common spreadsheet file formats, is now supported for .NET Standard and is shipping with Telerik UI for Xamarin. The library enables you to work with spreadsheet documents by creating new ones, modifying existing documents, or converting between the most common formats—xlsx, xls, CSV, plain text and PDF.  

SpreadProcessing supports the following capabilities: 

  • Shapes & Images: Insert, position and delete images 
  • Hyperlinks: Add, remove, edit and search for hyperlinks 
  • Workbook & worksheet protection: Customizable restrictions for users regarding modifying the workbook or the content and structure of the worksheets. 
  • Grouping: Organize the data in sections, show/hide relevant data
  • Formulas: 200+ built-in functions, as well as an API for plugging custom ones.
  • Name ranges: Add, use and remove names within the context of a document model
  • Styling, Theming & Resizing: apply styles to cells, customize the graphic elements of your document, and auto-fit or resize columns and rows. 
  • Number formats: Format the data in a cell for better readability 
  • Data Validation: Validation rules for list, number, date, text length or custom 
  • Filtering & Sorting: Filter and sort the data in a worksheet
  • Find & replace data: Find and replace data in a workbook
  • Freeze panes: Always keep part of the worksheet visible 
  • Hidden rows & columns: Set a hidden state for each row or column
  • Merge & unmerge cells: Merge two or more cells over multiple rows and columns
  • Autofill & Series: Auto-fill cells with pre-defined data based on a specific pattern
  • Page setup: Header and footer settings for paper size, orientation, scaling, breaks, etc.
  • History: Track and record all changes to the workbook in a history stack.


Telerik UI for Xamarin Spread Processing library

Calendar AgendaView

Telerik’s Calendar for Xamarin component supports a new Agenda View mode which shows a table, structured like a list, of the scheduled appointments grouped by date. You can easily customize how the Agenda View list is visualized—everything from setting custom date and time formats to modifying the styling of each text label.  

Telerik UI for Xamarin - AgendaView mode

HotReload Support for all Xamarin controls

We are happy to announce that our latest release offers HotReload support for all Telerik UI for Xamarin controls—develop your mobile applications even faster and see your changes right away! 

Telerik UI for Xamarin - HotReload support

Dynamic property-data source for DataForm

The dynamic property-data source feature for Xamarin's RadDataForm is designed for any case where a list of selective items is displayed – e.g. comboboxes, dropdowns and picker controls. For example, if the list of items requires the end user to pick a country and a city, the moment he selects a country (e.g. Germany), the list is dynamically updated with the cities corresponding to that country (e.g. Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, etc.).  

The dynamic updates of the property data-source are done via an observable collection or through the provider returning a list of new items. 

Telerik UI for Xamarin DataForm - Dynamic property data-source

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