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Telerik UI for Blazor


What's Coming in 2021/2022?

The Telerik UI for Blazor Team is excited to announce the new native components and features that will be shipped with Telerik UI for Blazor in the upcoming 2021/early 2022 releases. 

We want to thank you for the continuous support and encourage you to keep submitting your ideas and requests on the dedicated Blazor feedback portal, so we can shape the future of Telerik UI for Blazor together!

Telerik UI for Blazor

Accessibility Improvements


In our upcoming 2022 releases, we will continue with our efforts to improve the overall accessibility of Telerik UI components.

Gantt UI Component Enhancements

New feature R1 2022 R2 2022
The Blazor Gantt UI component will too receive some love and boost in R2 2022. On the planning board we have added the following Gantt timeline and tree list features:
  • Enhanced modes for editing tasks
  • New events: OnCollapse, OnExpand, OnEdit and more
  • Row and header templates in tree list part of the Gantt
  • Date header template in the timeline part of the component
  • Better control over the position of the splitter (between the timeline and tree list)
  • and more!

Map UI Component

New component

With the new Map UI component, you will be enabled to create interactive maps based on existing providers as well as build custom maps / map regions based on provided geo spatial data.

Dialog UI Component

New component
The new UI for Blazor Dialog component will allow you to highlight certain information through a modal dialog or prompting the user for input. It is ideal for drawing the user's attention when a decision must be made before proceeding with application interaction.

Floating Label UI Component

New component

Popular from Material design, the Floating Label displays the type of input a field requires in a resting state which starts to “float” as soon as the component becomes active, and users start typing in it. In addition to shipping it as a standalone component, the floating label will become an out-of-the box feature for multiple input and picker controls in Telerik UI for Blazor library. 

New Features in Blazor TabStrip

New feature

The TabStrip component will be expanded with a feature for scrollable tabs and will provide more configuration options related to managing the tabs' visibility.

AppBar UI Component

New component

The new AppBar UI component will come in handy when you need to organize and display information and actions related to app screens.

New Features in Blazor Editor

New feature

The Editor component will be further extended with several new features including:

  • Media support
  • Table editing & management
  • Paste event to control the content
  • and more!

FileSelect UI Component

New component

The FileSelect component will provide ability to get files as byte arrays and give you the flexibility to decide inside the component what next operation you would like to perform with the file. 

New Features Blazor Data Grid & TreeList

New feature

As always, the top data components Blazor Grid and TreeList will be further expanded with multiple new features to expand the programmable control over them, as well as sleek UI features for the end users.

Telerik Design Kits for Figma


The Design Kits for Figma originally shipped with R3 2021 release will continuously grow to include all Telerik UI for Blazor components with their detailed anatomical structures, colors, indicators, and icons. The included building blocks and elements will enable smooth collaboration between designers and developers and ease the efforts related to customizing styles or implementing their own personalized branding.

PDF Viewer

New component

The PDF Viewer component will allow users to view and interact with PDF files in Blazor apps directly from the browser without the need to download files or use 3rd party tools.

Theming & Responsiveness


We aim to improve multiple aspects of the available themes with particular focus on sizing options - allowing users to choose from available sizes or create their own. In addition to that, we will work towards making sure Telerik UI components adjust smoothly to various screen sizes.

QR Code Generator

New component

We will add to the offering new UI component that generates QR codes containing detailed item information such as URL, coordinates, email, contact information, etc.

PivotGrid UI Component

New component

Powerful visualization PivotGrid component with capability to load massive volumes of data in Blazor apps and allowing users to perform data analysis/drill-down operations over multi-dimensional data.

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