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What's Coming in 2023?

We are excited to announce the 2023 product roadmap for Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC!

You can expect the following updates in 2023:

R3 2023

  • Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC SP1 in mid-July
  • Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC SP2 due in late August
  • Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC R3 2023 due in mid-October

We want to thank you for the continuous support and encourage you to share your thoughts, plans, and ideas for what you would like to see developed next in the UI for ASP.NET MVC library in our dedicated feedback portal.


Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC

Design System Documentation


We launched the new Telerik and Kendo UI design system documentation site containing resources, design assets and frontend documentation for Telerik and Kendo UI libraries.

This initial release of the Progress Design System site contains related design and frontend documentation for nearly 20 of the most essential components, and we aim to continuously expand it with the ultimate goal of providing everything you need to create intuitive and beautiful digital experiences and design systems based on Telerik and Kendo UI component libraries.

Our plan is to continuously enhance the design system documentation site throughout 2023 and allow you to easily build your own design system based on Telerik and Kendo UI components.

Change in Icons


As part of our continuous efforts to improve the Telerik and Kendo UI products’ quality, theming mechanism and Content Security Policy (CSP) compliance, we are planning to transition gradually from font icons to SVG icons.

Step 1: SVG Icons (R1 2023 – January 2023)

Starting in R1 2023, we introduced and started incorporating SVG icons into Telerik and Kendo UI products. We provided a global configuration setting that enables you to keep the current default font icon type, but also allows you to render SVG icons.

Step 2: SVG Icons as Default in Telerik and Kendo UI Components (R2 2023 – June 2023)

With R2 2023, we will perform a change in the default type of icons in Telerik and Kendo UI libraries and components from font to SVG. This change marks the next milestone in a series of improvements related to Content Security Policy (CSP).

Step 3: Detach Font Icons from Themes (R3 2023 – October 2023)

With R3 2023, we aim to extract the Font icons as a separate package and detach the inline font declaration from the Telerik and Kendo UI themes.

Important to note is that the themes will continue to support both font and SVG icons in components, thus allowing you to decide which type of icons to take advantage of. However, using the font icons will require a separate stylesheet to be referenced by clients.

These last bits of changes will allow us to provide our customers with a more secure and efficient icon system and the option to load and reference only needed resources.

Read about the strategy for improving Telerik and Kendo UI web component libraries by moving from font icons to SVG icons in the dedicated blog post.

New DockManager UI Component

New component R3 2023

The new ASP.NET MVC DockManager UI component will let your end users easily manage the layout of a web application through flexible panes, that can be reorganized, resized, and pinned. The goal of the DockManager is to facilitate easy migration and recreation of the well-known docking panes from desktop applications to the web.

ASP.NET MVC TabStrip Enhancements

New feature R3 2023

The ASP.NET MVC TabStrip component will receive a new feature that will allow you to load tabs on demand.

Adaptiveness of ASP.NET MVC UI Components

Improvement R3 2023

The Data Grid, Toolbar, Pager, Window and Breadcrumb UI components will be enhanced to support adaptive behavior, so that their design and UX is seamless regardless of the device they displayed.

OrgChart Component Enhancements

New feature R3 2023

The ASP.NET MVC OrgChart component will be enriched with new Search and Collapse all siblings functionalities.

ASP.NET MVC PDFViewer Component Enhancements

Improvement R3 2023

The PDFViewer component will endure some rendering refresh as well as improved scrolling functionality.

New Date and Time Pickers Enhancements

New feature R3 2023

To accommodate your customization requirements the ASP.NET MVC Date and Time picker components will be upgraded with three new functionalities:

  • Focus specific time by default in ASP.NET MVC TimePicker component
  • Apply interval in Modern mode for Date and Time pickers
  • Allow auto correct or ignore invalid values in Date and Time pickers

New Trendline Chart Component

New component R3 2023

In 2023 we plan to expand the existing chart UI components for ASP.NET MVC and add a Trendline chart. You will be able to easily illustrate trends in data series and provide charting predictions capabilities to your ASP.NET MVC applications.

ASP.NET MVC Data Grid Enhancements

New feature R3 2023

The already robust ASP.NET MVC DataGrid component will be further enhanced with the following features:

  • Row spanning (the ability for cells to span multiple cells across rows)
  • Column spanning
  • Improved Data Grid Context Menu
  • Improved Clipboard Support
  • Improved Selection / Multi-selection on mobile devices
  • Tabbed interface for the Data Grid Column Menu

PivotGridv2 Parity with PivotGrid


We aim to provide complete feature parity between the previously existing and the newer PivotGrid components and enable you with resources to facilitate easy migration to the latest version.

ASP.NET MVC Accessibility Improvements


In our upcoming 2023 releases, we will continue with our efforts to improve the overall accessibility of Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC components, ensuring the highest level of compliance with WAI-ARIA, Section 508, and the new WCAG 2.2 standards.

Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC API Improvements


We are undertaking the effort to make improvements to the product’s API in the next several releases throughout 2023. The goal is to address feedback we received regarding the level of details, descriptions, and examples included in the UI for ASP.NET MVC API.

TextBox & TextArea Enhancements

New feature

The TextBox and TextArea will soon have the configuration option to turn on or off the Character Counter feature next to the respective element. This ensures better user experience and gives clarity on the Character count as the user is typing in their content. 

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