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Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC


What's Coming in 2024?

We are pleased to announce our updated product release schedule, aiming to increase the frequency in which we deliver value to you. Here is the timeline for our upcoming major releases this year:

  • 2024 Q1 Release - February (Live)
  • 2024 Q2 Release - May
  • 2024 Q3 Release - August
  • 2024 Q4 Release - November

In addition to the major releases, we will continue to deliver incremental improvements through our 6-week release cadence.

Look forward to exciting new features and improvements in each release.

We want to thank you for the continuous support and encourage you to share your thoughts, plans, and ideas for what you would like to see developed next in the UI for ASP.NET MVC library in our dedicated feedback portal.

Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC

New Data Visualization Features

New feature
  • Control Legend Display: Enhance your visual storytelling by personalizing legend displays. Adjust the style of each legend item, including the option to select distinct marker shapes for series identification, offering more than standard color variations.
Control Legend Display - Telerik UI for Blazor
  • A11Y Keyboard Navigation Improvements: Enhance accessibility with improved keyboard navigation. Now, effortlessly scroll through chart elements using your keyboard, making your charts more accessible and user-friendly.

New Data Visualization Component: Sankey Diagram

New component

Visualize complex processes, systems, and relationships with the Sankey Diagram. Understand the flow of resources, energy, or information within a system with this powerful graphical representation.

Prefix / Suffix (Adornments)

New feature

New Input Adornment feature, enhancing user interface interactivity and clarity by providing intuitive cues and direct functionality like password visibility toggles and unit indicators.

PDFViewer Improvements


In our forthcoming updates, we will implement progressive enhancements to the PDFViewer component.

.NET Framework Modernization


Starting with our upcoming releases, Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC will exclusively support .NET Framework versions 4.6.2 and above. The last release supporting older framework versions is the one scheduled for the end of January. After that, we will provide one full year of our outstanding support service for this release. For more details check the following announcement.

Design System Documentation


We launched the new Telerik and Kendo UI design system documentation site containing resources, design assets and frontend documentation for Telerik and Kendo UI libraries.

Progress Design System site contains related design and frontend documentation for nearly 30 of the most essential components, and we aim to continuously expand it with the ultimate goal of providing everything you need to create intuitive and beautiful digital experiences and design systems based on Telerik and Kendo UI component libraries.

Our plan is to continuously enhance the design system documentation site throughout 2024 and allow you to easily build your own design system based on Telerik and Kendo UI components.

Adaptiveness of ASP.NET MVC UI Components


The Data Grid, Toolbar, Pager, Window and Breadcrumb UI components will be enhanced to support adaptive behavior, so that their design and UX is seamless regardless of the device they displayed.

OrgChart Component Enhancements

New feature

The ASP.NET MVC OrgChart component will be enriched with new Search and Collapse all siblings functionalities.

PivotGridv2 Parity with PivotGrid


We aim to provide complete feature parity between the previously existing and the newer PivotGrid components and enable you with resources to facilitate easy migration to the latest version.

ASP.NET MVC Accessibility Improvements


In our upcoming 2024 releases, we will continue with our efforts to improve the overall accessibility of Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC components, ensuring the highest level of compliance with WAI-ARIA, Section 508, and the latest WCAG standards.

Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC API Improvements


We are undertaking the effort to make improvements to the product’s API in the next several releases throughout 2024. The goal is to address feedback we received regarding the level of details, descriptions, and examples included in the UI for ASP.NET MVC API.

New AI Prompt Component

New component

The new AI Prompt component helps you integrate with AI services, enriching your applications with a suite of smart functionalities, including generating responses, writing prompts, interacting with AI outputs, and executing predefined commands.

New PropertyGrid UI Component

New component

New PropertyGrid component, commonly used in software applications to display and edit the properties and attributes of objects, typically within a development or design environment. It provides a structured and organized way to view and modify the properties of an object, making it a valuable tool for developers, designers, and users.

Telerik and Kendo UI Design Kits for Figma Upgrade!

Significant overhaul to our Figma UI Kits is on the way! Central to these updates is the introduction of a rich variables library, seamlessly integrated with our design system. This library includes dynamic color, spacing, and radii variables, ensuring consistency and flexibility across your designs. Additionally, we're enhancing our Typography and Elevation systems to provide even more design possibilities. Dark mode enthusiasts will rejoice as we introduce Dark mode options, complemented by common theme color swatches. Our file structure has been revamped for improved organization, making it easier than ever to find what you need. Stay tuned for the addition of new components, including updates aligned with MS Fluent 2. Detailed component descriptions and improved color contrast are planned later in the year. Get ready for a smoother, more efficient design workflow with our upcoming Kendo and Telerik UI kits for Figma upgrade!


Color System Evolution

We are introducing a new unified color system across all Kendo themes, ensuring a shared palette of colors. This enhancement will foster consistency and efficiency in styling across various themes, while also decreasing the size of theme files. In May 2024, the new  color system system will become default. Both color systems will be available until Q2 2025, giving you time to adapt at your own pace. For additional details, refer to our blog post.

TextBox & TextArea Enhancements

New feature

The TextBox and TextArea will soon have the configuration option to turn on or off the Character Counter feature next to the respective element. This ensures better user experience and gives clarity on the Character count as the user is typing in their content. 

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