Professional Support Plans

Get the support and assurances you need by our dedicated in-house, legendary support team. We'll work hand in hand with you to ensure the success of your projects.

  • Priority patches and bug fixes from the core framework authors

  • Online support system for logging, updating and tracking support cases

  • Available phone and remote desktop support

  • Ability to escalate severity levels if needed

Professional Support Plans

  Basic Enterprise
Duration 1 year 1 year
Support Incidents Unlimited Unlimited
Licensed Developers 1 Up to 15
Incident response time 24h 24h
Phone assistance N/A 16/5, 7am - 11pm UTC
Remote web assistance N/A 10 hours
Hot fixes N/A 4 version*
Production support - 1 named app N/A Severity 1 – 1h initial response time
Issue Escalation N/A Severity 2 – 16h initial response time
Severity 3 – 24h initial response time
UI for NativeScript license w/support Yes Yes

The official language for Customer Support communication is English.

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Licensed support contact
A licensed support contact is any contact from your company registered in the Progress support system. Only registered contacts are entitled to receive technical support from Progress Support engineers for the purchased Progress products and services.

Support case
A support case represents a communication thread, logged in Progress Tech Support system, discussing a single support issue, question, or request for assistance from Progress technical support.

Initial response time
The stated initial response time objective is valid for Monday - Friday business days only, and excludes public holidays.

Severity 1 issues
Severity 1 is a level assigned to support issues which severely impact Your use of the Software in a production environment (e.g. situations in which the Application is not functioning in a production environment, halting Your business operations and for which there is no known procedural workaround). For the avoidance of doubt, Severity One support issues do not include situations where the Software is functioning but Your use in a production environment is significantly reduced even where such situations cause a high impact to portions of Your business operations; or issues which impact Your use of the Software to any degree within a development environment.

Severity 2 issues
Severity 2 is a level assigned to support issues which significantly restrict Your use of the Software causing a high impact to portions of Your business operations (e.g. situations where the Software is functioning but Your use is significantly reduced in a production environment; and/or situations in a development environment provided the development issue is resulting in a significant restriction on Your ability to use the software in a production environment or causing a high impact to Your business operations.). For the avoidance of doubt, Severity Two support issues do not include situations where the Software is functioning but you have a question on the usage of the Software, or are experiencing an inconvenience that does not significantly restrict Your use of the Software (e.g. a cosmetic issue).

Severity 3 issues
Severity 3 is a level assigned to all those support issues, which do not meet the definition of either Severity One or Severity Two.

Phone Assistance
Pick up the phone and speak to a technical person right away. Get quick advice and direction or help us understand the full scope of the issue. *Fair Usage Policy applies


Progress will attempt to deliver a patch on top of an older version in cases when business conditions sometimes prevent customers from upgrading to a particular version containing a fix. Patches can be produce patches for a limited number of versions back from the current one, as specified in your support plan. For example if the support plan states you are eligible for receiving patches for up to 4 point versions back, and the current version is 1.7, you can request patches for versions up to 1.3

The produced patches are based on the latest hotfix build for your NativeScript framework version. Patches have passed our fully automated test suite, which includes thousands of functional, integration, unit and performance tests. The actual bug fixes for which the patch is produced have also passed strict manual quality assurance and performance tests. These builds have not passed our full manual regression testing cycle that we do before each official release. The patch builds not include breaking API changes, database changes and high-regression potential changes or fixes, and upgrading to them should be seamless. Upgrade from these builds to the consecutive official release is fully supported.
Please note that due to code refactoring it’s not always possible to apply a patch to an older version. Nevertheless, we stand committed to meeting your business needs and if it is not possible to produce a patch we will advise you on the best path to address the issue.

Point Version
The term "point version" refers to our method of software versioning in which a major version is followed by a decimal point and a minor version. When a new minor version is released, the number after the decimal point is incremented, e.g. from 2.0 to 2.1, or from 2.4 to 2.5