Sorting, filtering, or applying any custom rule to an item collection of RadMenu, Radpanelbar, RadTabstrip, RadTreeview or RadCombobox

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    This project shows how to sort the child items of data-bound RadMenu, RadPanelbar, RadTabstrip and RadTreeview in the DataBound event. The items of a RadCombobox are sorted on button click. 

    The key idea in this approach is that I store the child items in a collection of the respective type (RadMenuItemCollection, RadPanelItemCollection...). Then I clear the parent item(owner) of its child items collection and add the items again based on some rule. In this project I sort the items by text, but you can easily adjust the approach to sort them by any other property including custom attributes or you can filter the items or just apply any custom rule.
    This is a really flexible method which can suit almost any scenario related to reorganizing a collection of items. The controls do not have to be data-bound but in this case you will have to use the Page Load event. Detailed comments are inserted in the code. I hope you find this project useful and easy to use.
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    Would'nt it be better to just sort in a PreRender ? Currently the logic would sort for every item (every tab in the tabstrip for example) that is databound?
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    Hi Ananth,

    That's a great question! I am glad you raised it. PreRender event will work just fine because it occurs after the DataBound event. However, if you test the approach with Page Load you will find out that it will not sort the items, because Page Load happens before DataBound.

    If the menu is declared inline in the aspx page, the Page Load event is can be used as well as PreRender.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

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    The only way I could get it to work for a tree view was in the PreRender event, the DataBound event would not do the sort

    It slows things down quite a bit, but it works

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    I was wrong - once implemented, all the functionality of the tree view stopped working. The nodechecked event no longer worked correctly and many of the other items stopped working.

    I decided to use a DataVew instead of a DataSet as the source. The DataView is sortable. Works great
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