Rad Tree View Keeping the node selected upon reloading / posting-back / opening a new window

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    Posted 22 Sep 2012 Link to this post


    RadControls version 2012.2.724.35
    .NET version 4.0
    Visual Studio version 2010
    programming language VB, C#
    browser support all browsers supported by RadControls
    If you are using RadTreeView as a site map and at the times of reloading / post-back / opening a new RadTab / Browser window / Browser tab, following code keeps the current node selected.

    Of course the RadTree needs to be in the master page

    Well we can definitely use this functionality for one more purpose.

    Assume that you are working on some wholesale management system and you have node "Invoices" for example, which in turn has enlisted all the her invoices  as the child nodes. And if you wish to "highlight" the particular node which refers to the invoice currently open, the code above should work.

    Alternative approach:
    This may also be accomplished by saving the node id / name to a cookie / session variable and then retrieving it to the other page / tab / radtab.

    Main reason for this post
    I posted a related question in forums for 3/4 days or so and was not able to find exactly what I wanted, all posts talked about using "SelectedNode.Selected=true;" which seemed to be working if we navigate to a new Browser window / Browser tab, or even a new RadTab.
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