Customizing the text of the kendoGrid controls

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    Kendo UI Suite and Version Q2'12 SP

    jQuery Version 1.7.1

    Supported Browsers and Platforms All

    Components/Widgets used kendoGrid

    This example demonstrates how to change the text of the Grid controls using the configuration options.
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    If I take this file and change the order of the filter operators, it used to default select the first operator in my list. When I upgraded to 2012.2.710, it is now only default selecting the eq operator. Is there a way to change this functionality so that it default selects one of the other operators?
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    Hi  Telerik Admin,
    I have tried the configuration to customize the messages in filter window of grid, however, I can not reference the message from my Resource file as I want to make my web site bilingulized.
    Now, my question is how to make the message string reference from my Resource file? thanks a lot,
    filterable: {
                  name: "FilterMenu",
                  messages: {
                  info: @Resources.Info_Text,
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