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    This project is based on the following forum thread:
    This project is the base framework that I use for creating websites that have corresponding administative sites.  The administrative site is called the "Control Panel" in the project.

    The methodology for the Control Panel is simple.  You have read-only lists of information which use "pop-up" windows to modify or add individual rows in the database table(s).  The popup windows allow you to have specific forms for each table in the database and therefore can be highly customized for that data.  The popup forms then can automatically re-bind the list when the data is updated / inserted in the form.

    My Control Panel framework is divided into Modules, Pages, Lists, and Forms.  Each Module can have several Pages, each Page can have several Lists, and each List can have several Forms.  Included in this code download is an example of how to use a List and a Form.

    This example is deliberately over-simplified as to create a true base to start from.  There is a standard aspnetdb sqlexpress db in the App_Data folder set to auto-attach to the sqlexpress process.  You may need to modify it as necessary.
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