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Key Features

Modern Professional Themes

Easily style the outlook of your applications to the needs of your project with one of the 20+ built-in themes. The themes included in the Telerik UI for WPF suite are:

  • Fluent
  • Material
  • Office 2016
  • Office 2016 Touch
  • Office 2013
  • Office 2013 (LightGray)
  • Office 2013 (DarkGray)
  • Crystal (MacOS-Inspired)
  • Visual Studio 2019
  • Visual Studio 2013
  • Visual Studio 2013 (Blue)
  • Visual Studio 2013 (Dark)
  • Windows 8
  • Window 8 Touch
  • Windows 7
  • Expression (Dark)
  • Office (Silver)
  • Office (Blue)
  • Office (Black)
  • Green (Light)
  • Green (Dark)
  • Vista
  • Transparent
  • Summer

Not customizable enough? Well then, take a look at the Color Theme Generator to see some of the themes in action and find the right match for your application.


Document Processing

With the Document Processing Libraries shipped with Telerik UI for WPF you can process the most common Text, Spreadsheet, and PDF file formats within your desktop application without having Microsoft Office or other third-party libraries installed.

The components provide your application's users to create, load and modify documents in a variety of formats including:

  • DOCX
  • RTF
  • TXT
  • HTML
  • PDF
  • XLSX
  • CSV
  • Tab-delimited

Enable your application to seamlessly export and import documents or convert them from one format to another. All thanks to the intuitive and easy-to-use APIs of the Telerik Document processing libraries.


Extensive Set of Controls

Telerik UI for WPF includes a wide range of customizable controls – from powerful data-driven controls like GridView and Chart to small UI components like Rating and Slider. The suite provides a variety of data visualization and management tools, which allow you to edit and display data based on your business requirements.

Manipulate your row data in a GridView or Spreadsheet and visualize it through PivotGrid or other charting and diagramming tools available in the suite. Discover multiple components for daily or business planning such as ScheduleView and Calendar where end-users can easily plan their day and trace their meetings and tasks. Use the GanttView control to visualize and manage any project planning data in a slick and descriptive manner.

Telerik UI for WPF  - Extensive Set of Controls Image

Exceptional Performance and User Experience

Telerik UI for WPF enhances the user experience by providing you with both the UI  components and data virtualization mechanism for optimal performance. With Telerik’s controls you will be to display large amounts of data with virtually no performance trade-off (ex. Virtual Grid). What you get is exceptional speed and sleek end-user experience. Here is how we do it:

  • Producing minimal and clean XAML
  • Allowing you to load only the data within the current viewport of the application
  • Implementing lazy loading – loading data only when it is requested
  • Minimizing memory usage, robust code free from memory leaks.
Telerik UI for WPF - Exceptional Performance and User Experience Image

Intuitive API

Telerik UI for WPF has a short learning curve and is easy to use. The suite provides for:
  • Seamless integration with your Visual Studio Toolbox for quick drag-and-drop usage.
  • Feature configuration using Design-time Wizards.
  • Easy to learn API. The API is a close mirror of Microsoft. If you’ve worked with the WPF Framework and Microsoft’s XAML Controls, you’ll get up and running fast in Telerik UI for WPF.
Telerik UI for WPF - Intuitive API Image

MVVM Support

The ability to drag-and-drop a complex control from our toolbox, wire up a few events, receive quick functionality and move on to the next work item makes your software development easier. Those functionalities, however, do not guarantee that the software created is well structured, easily extensible and unit testable.

That’s where Model-View-ViewModel comes into play. Telerik UI for WPF fully supports MVVM, allowing you to create reliable, well-structured and easily maintainable applications.

MVVM Support

Touch Support

Touch enable your WPF applications with no performance overhead.

The built-in touch support and the MaterialOffice 2016 Touch and Windows8 Touch themes make your Telerik UI for WPF powered applications run smoothly on any touch device (Microsoft Surface, Windows Phone, etc).

Additionally, the controls in the suite are also built for touch interactions and provide for additional customizations

Browse the touch version of the controls.
Telerik UI for WPF - Touch Support Image

Coded UI Tests

All components in Telerik UI for WPF support Level 1 Coded UI tests and most of the controls already support Level 3 Coded UI tests, making Telerik UI Controls easily maintainable within any test-driven development process.
Coded UI Tests

.NET Core 3.1 Support

Telerik UI for WPF includes a separate set of binaries built against .Net Core 3.1 in the installers and Nuget packages. This will allow you to migrate your WPF applications built with Telerik UI for WPF to .Net Core 3.1 applications and leverage all the benefits of the framework such as: side by side deployment, performance optimizations, XAML islands and more.
Telerik UI for WPF .NET Core 3.0 Support Image

Conversational UI - Modern UI for Chatbots

The Conversational UI control (aka RadChat) is a new control intended to be used with various chat bot services. Highlights of the features include:

  • Built-in hero cards
  • Built-in suggested actions
  • Built-in simple message and typing indicator
  • Custom card/attachment templates
  • Easy connectivity to chat bot services (Azure/Microsoft Bot Framework,, Amazon Lex)

Over 140 WPF UI Controls


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Telerik UI for WPF can save your team man years of coding and testing. Try it out and see how fast and easy it is to build desktop apps. A bunch of intuitive to use, powerful and high quality UI experience components are here to make your app mesosphere-cool.

Great demos and excellent documentation are here to get you coding on your specific project within hours.


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What's New

Telerik UI AutoSuggestBox control for WPF

AutoSuggestBox Control

The Telerik UI for WPF AutoSuggestBox makes search suggestions to your users as they type text into the search box.

Office 2019 theme

Office 2019 Theme

A brand-new Office 2019 theme in all three color variations—Colorful, Black and DarkGray.

Multiple thumbs support for Slider

Multiple Thumbs Support for Slider

Enable your users to easily select multiple points along a range with the Telerik UI for WPF Slider control.

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Success Story

"Offering this new solution has had a very positive impact on customer relations. We’re constantly working to improve service to our customers, and Telerik UI controls are fueling that effort, resulting in a very favorable customer perception"

iBrandon Nys, Product Manager, Creative Safety Supply

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