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Silverlight ScheduleView

  • Part of the Telerik UI for Silverlight library along with 110+ professionally-designed UI controls.
  • Includes support, documentation, demos, learning resources and more!
  • Import and Export

    Import from and export to the industry-standard iCal format, that includes MS Outlook and other popular mail clients.
  • Built-In Zooming

    With built-in zooming, view as many or as few appointments as you like in a given view-perfect for scenarios in which you need to drill down and see more details.
  • Customizable Look and Feel

    Use your own custom appointment types of even entirely recreated windows within the control to suit the look and feel of your application.
  • Drag and Drop Appointments

    With full-featured drag and drop of single or multiple appointments and exact appointment rendering, ensure users can easily maintain and set appointments with the needed precision. Customize the RadScheduleView drag and drop logic to meet any user’s expectations.
  • Multi-Level Grouping and Filtering

    Use multi-level grouping and filtering based on resources to display what appointments have resources assigned, complete with drag and drop capability for assigning them.
  • Support for Resource Virtualization

    When you operate with a large number of resources in a Silverlight application, it may take a while to render the resource list. However, the ScheduleView control is enhanced with resource virtualization support that brings improved performance to your application.

  • Horizontal and Vertical Orientation

    With support for both horizontal and vertical orientation in the views, you can ensure a more customized experience based on your user expectations.
  • UI Virtualization for Performance

    Display hundreds or thousands of appointments at a time. RadScheduleView employs UI Virtualization techniques, which allow for complex scheduling scenarios by only rendering what is visible on the screen.
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