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Silverlight PivotGrid

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  • Support for KPIs

    Use KPIs defined on the server and seamlessly measure performance with the KPIs built in support in RadPivotGrid.

  • OLAP Support

    PivotGrid makes accessing OLAP cubes easy. Use the XmlaDataProvider  and PivotFieldList to easily visualize data from your OLAP Cube. Apply filters or sort the data to view only the items you need.

  • ToolTips

    PivotGrid shows tool tips for every cell. Hover the mouse over a cell to see data about its value and associated aggregate, row and column. You can easily disable tool tips or customize them with your own messages.

  • PivotFieldList

    Use PivotFieldList to provide your users an easy runtime customization of the PivotGrid reports. You can easily add fields to the report or drag fields between different areas. You can also use integrated dialogs to modify each aspect of PivotGrid.
  • Layouts and Totals Position

    PivotGrid supports the three most popular report layouts: Tabular, Outline and Compact. You can set each of them on your rows and columns, thus applying nine different views of PivotGrid. You can also rearrange the row/column totals positioning and choose between the top, bottom, right, left or none options. 

  • Calculations

    Use calculations to analyze the aggregated data and compare cells to each other. For each cell you can:

    • compute the percentage of the grand total
    • compute the difference from its previous or next one
    • calculate its weighted average, etc.
    The different options help you discover the data relative importance.

  • Aggregate Functions

    Take advantage of a number of predefined aggregate functions that you can use on your data. Choose between sum, average, count, max, min or the more complicated functions like standard deviation, variance or product. You can utilize those functions easily - with just one line of code or a couple of clicks by using PivotFieldList.

  • Grouping

    RadPivotGrid gives you the option to Group records in an assigned data source according to row and column descriptions, or based on the selected fields in row and column areas. Apply sorting on rows and columns, or utilize different filters to hide/show specific groups.

  • Sorting and Filtering

    PivotGrid enables you to sorting your rows and columns. The sorting can be ascending or descending. Plus PivotGrid gives you the option to sort based on totals. You can also apply different filters to hide/show specific groups or use one of the three types of filters:
    • Label filter (filters data by Header name),
    • Value filter (filters data by aggregated values),
    • Top 10 filter (filters by aggregated values, but shows only top/bottom results).
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