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Silverlight Buttons

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  • PathButton

    The new PathButton control is a customizable button, enabling you to build complex forms and manage user input. The PathButton has all the features of the Button control, with the addition of a path to the default template. Add a custom geometry to your button, or style it using one of the 15 professional-looking themes that come with UI for Silverlight.

    Path button for WPF and Silverlight
  • Split Button

    Extending upon the DropDown button functionality, use the Split button to make the button itself an action area that can be checked or selected.
  • Use the DropDown button to display any content to a user—including other controls—for selection, while taking a minimum amount of UI space.
  • Toggle Button

    Use the Toggle button, which mimics the functionality of a checkbox, to more easily visualize elements that are checked or unchecked beyond the basic check mark.

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