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PHP TimeDurationPicker

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  • Overview

    Allow users to select a particular time duration while eliminating the requirement to provide specific date, range of dates or time slots with the Telerik UI for PHP TimeDurationPicker component. Give them the freedom to determine how many days, hours, minutes, or seconds an activity (e.g., online session, event, work project, etc.) is expected to take. Users can either pick a value from the component popup with built-in shortcut values or type the desired time duration themselves.

    See the PHP TimeDurationPicker demo 

  • Columns

    Customize the columns look and feel by configuring the number of columns, specifying the format for each of them and constraining the allowed selectable values.

    See the PHP TimeDurationPicker Columns documentation

  • Shortcuts

    Activities or events with repetitive duration time require smarter approach. Therefore, the PHP TimeDurationPicker component allows you to add shortcuts in the form of button elements to its popup. These button elements can have predefined values and upon clicking on one of them, the value of the TimeDurationPicker gets updated.

    See the PHP TimeDurationPicker Shortcut documentation 

  • Appearance

    Get ready to play with the Telerik UI for PHP TimeDurationPicker appearance. The component comes with multiple customization options, enabling you to control its size, fill mode and border radius.

    See the PHP TimeDurationPicker Appearance documentation 

  • Inherit Kendo UI framework Features

    Inherit standard Kendo UI framework benefits such as Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM), Customizing Templates, Globalization and Keyboard navigation by using the TimeDurationPicker widget.

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