• Overview

    Create an intuitive form by providing an input specifically designed for numbers, currency, and percentages.

  • Extend Regular Inputs

    Extend the functionality of the standard TextBox to include many of the abilities of the Telerik Kendo UI Input control.

  • Validation

    Validate all of your inputs, either via client-side or server-side, to ensure that the data entered in you form is valid. View demo

  • Inherit Kendo UI framework features

    By using the Telerik Kendo UI NumericTextBox widget, you will inherit standard Kendo UI framework benefits such as MVVM, Customizing Templates, RTL support, Globalization and Keyboard navigation

  • HTML5 Input Types

    Utilize the built-in support for HTML5 input types. The Input control can render its input element using the HTML5 text, number, date, and datetime types. View demo

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