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toolbar-toolbar-item-click Function

The click handler of the toolbar command which is used for custom toolbar commands.

toolbar-toolbar-item-image-class String

A class name that will be rendered inside the Toolbar button. If toolbar-toolbar-item-image-class is set, the TreeList renders an additional span element inside the Toolbar button having its class name set to the option value. This setting enables you to display an icon inside your custom toolbar commands.

toolbar-toolbar-item-name String

The name of the toolbar command. The TreeList outputs the name in the HTML as a value of the data-command attribute of the button.

The supported values are:

  • (Built-in) create
  • (Built-in) excel
  • (Built-in) pdf
  • A custom string

toolbar-toolbar-item-text String

The text that is displayed by the command button. If toolbar-toolbar-item-text is not set, the TreeList will use the name option as the button text instead.