pdf-area String

The area that will be exported.

The supported values are:

  • workbook—Exports the full workbook including all sheets.
  • sheet—Exports the active sheet.
  • selection—Exports the selected area on the active sheet.

pdf-author String

The author of the PDF document.

pdf-creator String

The creator of the PDF document.

pdf-date Date

The date when the PDF document was created. Defaults to new Date().

pdf-file-name String

Specifies the file name of the exported PDF file.

pdf-fit-width Boolean

An option which indicates whether the content of the Spreadsheet will fit the page width.

pdf-force-proxy Boolean

If pdf-force-proxy is set to true, the content will be forwarded to proxyURL even if the browser supports the saving of files locally.

pdf-guidelines Boolean

Indicates whether to export the cell guidelines.

pdf-h-center Boolean

Indicates whether to center the content horizontally.

pdf-keywords String

The keywords of the exported PDF file.

pdf-landscape Boolean

If pdf-landscape is set to true, the paper dimensions will be reversed.

pdf-margin-bottom Number | String

The bottom margin. Numbers are considered as pt units.

pdf-margin-left Number | String

The left margin. Numbers are considered as pt units.

pdf-margin-right Number | String

The right margin. Numbers are considered as pt units.

pdf-margin-top Number | String

The top margin. Numbers are considered as pt units.

pdf-paper-size String | Array

Specifies the paper size of the PDF document. The default setting is auto and determines the paper size by content.

The supported values are:

  • A predefined size—A0-A10, B0-B10, C0-C10, Executive, Folio, Legal, Letter, Tabloid.
  • An array of two numbers which specify the width and height in points (1pt = 1/72in).
  • An array of two strings which specify the width and height in units.

    The supported units are:

    • mm
    • cm
    • in
    • pt

pdf-proxy-u-r-l String

The URL of the server side proxy which will stream the file to the end user. When the browser is not capable of saving files locally, a proxy will be used. Such browsers are Internet Explorer version 9 (and older) and Safari. You are responsible for implementing the server-side proxy.

The proxy receives a POST request with the following parameters in the request body:

  • contentType—The MIME type of the file.
  • base64—The base-64 encoded file content.
  • fileName—The file name as requested by the caller.

The proxy is expected to return the decoded file with a Content-Disposition header set to attachment; filename="<fileName.pdf>".

pdf-proxy-target String

A name or keyword which indicates where to display the document that is returned by the proxy. To display the document in a new window or an iframe, the proxy method has to set the Content-Disposition header of the response to inline; filename="<fileName.pdf>".

pdf-subject String

Sets the subject of the PDF file.

pdf-title String

Sets the title of the PDF file.

pdf-v-center Boolean

Indicates whether to center the content vertically.