editable-confirmation Boolean | String

If editable-confirmation is set to true, the Scheduler will display a confirmation dialog when the user clicks the Destroy button. Can be set to a string which will be used as the confirmation text.

editable-create Boolean

If editable-create is set to true, the user can create new events. By default, editable-create is enabled.

editable-destroy Boolean

If editable-destroy is set to true, the user can delete events from the view by clicking the Destroy button. By default, editable-destroy is enabled.

editable-edit-recurring-mode String

The edit mode of recurring events.

The supported modes are:

  • (Default) dialog
  • series
  • occurrence

editable-move Boolean

If editable-move is set to true, the Scheduler allows the moving of events. Dragging an event changes its start and end time.

editable-resize Boolean

If editable-resize is set to true, the Scheduler enables event resizing. Dragging the resize handles changes the start or end time of the event.

editable-template String | Function

The template for rendering the editor. To indicate to the Scheduler which fields have to be updated, the template has to contain elements whose name HTML attributes are set as the editable fields. Alternatively, use MVVM bindings to bind HTML elements to the data item fields.

editable-update Boolean

If editable-update is set to true, the user can update events. By default, editable-update is enabled.

editable-window Object

(Optional) Configures the Kendo UI Window instance which is used when the Grid is in the popup edit mode.