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Parent Components


field String

The field to which the column is bound. The value of this field is displayed by the column during data binding.

The field name:

  • Has to be a valid Javascript identifier.
  • Has to contain only alphanumeric, $, or _ characters.
  • Must not start with a digit.

title String

The text that is displayed in the column header cell. If tile is not set, the field value will be used.

format String

The format that is applied to the value before the value is displayed.

Takes the {0:format} form where format is any of the following:

  • A standard number format.
  • A custom number format.
  • A standard date format.
  • A custom date format.

width String | Number

The width of the column. Numeric values are treated as pixels.

editable Boolean

Specifies whether this column can be edited by the user.

sortable Boolean

If sortable is set to true, the user can sort this column by clicking its header cells. By default, sorting is disabled.