paste-cleanup-all Boolean

All HTML tags that are stripped and which leave only the text in the content.

paste-cleanup-css Boolean

Removes the style and class attributes from the pasting content.

paste-cleanup-custom Function

A callback function that integrates a custom implementation for cleaning up the pasted content. Make sure that the callback function always returns the result.

paste-cleanup-keep-new-lines Boolean

Strips all HTML tags while keeping new lines in the pasted content.

paste-cleanup-ms-all-formatting Boolean

Removes all special formatting from MS Word content—for example, font name, font size, and MS Word specific tags.

paste-cleanup-ms-convert-lists Boolean

Converts MS Word pasted content into HTML lists.

paste-cleanup-ms-tags Boolean

Removes all MS Word specific tags and cleans up the extra metadata.

paste-cleanup-none Boolean

Prevents the cleanup of the content.

paste-cleanup-span Boolean

Removes all span elements from the content and ensures that much of the inline formatting is removed.