Represents the props of the KendoVue Dialog component.

className? string

Sets a class of the Dialog DOM element.

closeIcon? boolean

Specifies whether a close button should be rendered at the top corner of the dialog.

contentStyle? any

The styles that are applied to the content of the Dialog.

dir? string

Represents the dir HTML attribute.

height? number | string

Specifies the height of the Dialog (see example).

id? string

Sets the aria-labelledby value.

minWidth? number | string

Specifies the minimum width of the Dialog.

onClose? (event: DialogCloseEvent) => void

Fires when the Close button in the title is clicked or when the Esc button is pressed.

style? any

The styles that are applied to the Dialog.

title? string | any

Sets the title of the Dialog (see example). If title is not specified, the Dialog does not render a Close button.

titleRender? (h: any, defaultRendering: VNode | null, props: any, listeners: any) => VNode | string | any

Defines the custom rendering of the title. Accepts a Vue component, a render function, or a slot name.

width? number | string

Specifies the width of the Dialog (see example).